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The Massachusetts Pirate Party was formed in May, 2010 by James O’Keefe, Christine Reynolds and Erik Zoltan.  We are active in promoting privacy, transparent government, and innovation by reining in copyright laws and eliminating patent laws.  We ran candidates for State Representative in 2014 and 2016 and elected our first office holder in 2015.

Pirate Council

Captain – James O’Keefe / / 617-447-0210 / @jpokeefe / Key Id: 0xAAFF1FEC
First Officer – Steve Revilak / / 781-648-1083 / @Purple_Bandanna / Key Id: 0x28C2A300
Quartermaster – Joseph Onoroski /
PR/Media Director – Open
Activism Director – Sam Capradae /
Swarmwise Director – Christine (Christopher) Reynolds /
Web/Info Director – Open

Council of Arbitrators

Representative to the United States Pirate Party

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  1. Peter cole said on

    The online CISA petition form doesn’t seem to be working. Why is this form in German? Seems sketchy.

  2. The CISA form expired at a certain date, so that is probably the issue. We use CiviCRM for the petitions, so that shouldn’t be in German, though this blog uses a theme from the Pirate Party of Germany that hasn’t been localized.

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  5. Can I have free movies?

  6. Brent Fisher said on

    I say that the U.N. needs to add to the declaration of Human Rights that no one should feel compelled/shamed/punished to coerce them to provide payment for knowledge and that being informed of culture, the arts and facts is a basic human need, just like water. Yes, one corporation which I will not name still said that water is not a human right, and still charges money for it. Charging money for a waveform because you discovered it first is like having a chain on a river and charging boats that pass along the river money for you to lower the chain and allow the boat to pass. The word for this is ‘rent-seeking’, an act of becoming rich by making others poor. And you wonder why Obama has so many people rallying for Communism. We can give capitalism a better name if we charge money for things that are truly scarce. As the Viking Barbarian said… “How does it feel to have a business model so weak that you need SWAT teams and pepper spray and no-knock raids to make people give you money to perpetuate it?” OK–it’s not that bad, but could be in the future…They are already starting by wiretapping what you are downloading. I downloaded an episode of Spartacus Blood and Sand and my father’s e-mail inbox received a nastygram telling him not to download that exact file. All un-natural reductions in the level of freedom are wrong, whether done by a mentally-ill child killer or the government you trust. Humans will only be free once they lose their chains that they refer to as “laws” and convert to the one true government of anarchy. Heck, science can take care of the laws of physics because humans are the animal that controls fire and controls its environment. Once society has criminalized all possible pursuits of adventure, the only adventure left to do would be to destroy such society.

  7. Deb Gazda said on

    Call me, I don’t check emails

  8. Zach said on

    So wait do we get to actually take over other vessels on international waters and pillage ye loot? Or is this just one of those eye-patch wearing, fake bird on the shoulder kind of situation?

  9. Where are you currently located? Do you have a studio that you use? We are located in Norwood. It would be awesome to have you on air sometime!

  10. Andrew Orwell said on

    Do you guys support the community policing program that’s happening with the fusion centers?

    I am totally for it and I believe we should increase funding to these opaque government programs. It’s only our constitutional rights.

    • We believe Fusion Centers should be shut down. Whether a municipality wishes to use community policing is up to them. We support police being accountable to the residents they are supposed to protect.

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