Talk with Other Pirates

Besides our weekly IRC meetings, and out IRC channel, we discuss our plans on a number of email lists.  If you want to help out, these are the best places to get involved:

  • Activists – Our main list for discussion and sharing ideas.
  • Cryptoparty – Our list for discussing cryptoparties and how to make them more effective.  You do not need to be a Pirate to join it.
  • Welcoming – List for the Welcoming Committee. The purpose of the Welcoming & Outreach committee is to welcome new members and oversee our efforts to expand the number of members.
  • Democracy – List for the Democracy and Dogfood Committee. The purpose of the Dogfood & Democracy committee focuses on expanding our processes and tools to make the party more democratic. If you don’t get the geek reference to dogfood see.
  • Policy – List for the Policy and Identity Committee. The purpose of the Policy and Identity committee is to draft new policies and platform issues the party should adopt.
  • Treasury  – List for the Treasury and Fundraising Committee. The purpose of the Treasury committee is to oversee our fundraising and keep track of our finances.
  • Video Projects – List for people who want to discuss the party’s video projects.

Our Code of Conduct applies to all of our email lists.  Respectful criticism of people’s ideas is welcome.  Personal attacks and trollish behavior is not welcome.

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