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We released the Massachusetts Pirate Party logo into the public domain. A larger version is available in the following formats: SVG, PNG, JPG.


Some of the participants at our 2015 Pirate Conference – JPG: 2048 × 815

Some of the participants at our 2013 Pirate Conference – JPG: 960 × 640 – Image by Maurice Morales

2015 Boston Pride Parade

Our Crew – PNG: 1024 × 452

Pirates with Pirate Ship – PNG: 1024 × 411

Pirates with Clippy – PNG: 1024 × 479

Pirates with Snowden & Manning Signs – PNG: 1024 × 495

Marchers on Tremont – PNG: 1024 × 452 2015PrideParadeOnTremont

Group shot on Berkeley – PNG: 1024 × 400

Pirates Marching into Government Center – PNG: 1024 × 451

Pirates marching in the 2013 Boston Pride Parade – JPG: 3264 × 1600
Pirate Activist, French Pirate Party Candidate Véronique Vermorel, Chair/Captain James O’Keefe, Treasurer/Quartermaster Steve Revilak, Secretary/First Officer Lucia Fiero

Captain James O’Keefe speaking at the Million Mask March – JPG: 960 × 720

Quartermaster Steve Revilak giving a talk on using GnuPG at Northeastern University Cryptoparty

Noelani Kamelamela, First Officer & 2014 Middlesex 27th district State Representative candidate

Worcester 8th district State Representative candidate Joseph Guertin

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2 Kommentare zu Press

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  2. George Cooper said on

    United State Supreme Court
    Case: 13-10569

    To Head of FBI

    The corrupt effect from the North Carolina Attorney General Office and ex-Attorney General Lawyer Jeffery R. Edwards has extended there influence, to infect the Supreme Court of The United States Clerks Office in Washington DC.. Jeffery R. Edwards and his helpers ( AG Roy Cooper of North Carolina) were able to corrupt the personal of the Supreme Court and convince them to perpetrate a fares to convince me that my case ( 13-10569) was assigned to go before the Supreme Court Justices on October 6, 2014, for there decision for litigation proceedings in the Supreme Court.
    My case did not go to the Supreme Court Judges, instead it was withheld from them by the persons who work the Supreme Court’s Clerks Office in Washington DC, spusifictly Supreme Court Clerk Head Scott S. Harris, Supervisor Jeff Ackings and Annalist Miss Melisa Blalock, whom all took part in denying me my legal rights of judicial adherence. They then conspired to send me a falsified letter of denial by the Supreme Court Judges which is a federal offence.
    I’m requesting an investigation of the Supreme Court Clerks Offices and Ex-Attorney General Lawyer Jeffery R. Edwards and North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper for the corrupt actions and the murder of North Carolina state senator Vernon Malone. That is way they have to do everything they can to prevent my case from being adjudicated in an honest court of law.
    Pleas forward this information to any and all judicial departments and personal that can tack action against the corruption o the United States Supreme Courts Clerks Offices and the criminal actions of Jeffery R. Edwards and his helpers in and out of the judicial system.
    United States Supreme Court Judges:
    Souter, David H.
    Scalia, Antonin / Kennedy, Anthony M.
    Thomas, Clarence / Ginsburg, Ruth Bader
    Alito, Samuel A., Jr. / John Roberts
    Sotomayor, Sonia / Kagan, Elena

    I’m writing this letter to notify those who oversee the ethics the United States judicial system (specifically, US clerks offices), that the following clerks offices have been compromised by a corrupt Ex- North Carolina Attorney General Lawyer and North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper.
    United States District Court in Raleigh NC and Chief United States District Judge James C. Dever ,the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond VA, and possible the United States Supreme Court Clerks Offices have been influence to deny me my rights to lawfully bring suit against Jeffery R. Edwards, North Carolina AG Roy Cooper and others without illegal interference to prevent my law suit from being adjudicated in a U. S. court of law.
    My law suit has been intercepted and changed before it could be revenue and deiced on for court proceedings and judges have been told to ignore the facts and legal contents of my law suit to deny me my day in court.
    I’m requesting a full investigation of the actions of the United State clerks offices and judges involved in the corruption and a Grand Jury investigation of attorney Jeffery R. Edwards and North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper.
    US Supreme Court Clerk’s Offices
    Mr. Jeff Ackings:
    Mr. Ackings, I’m extremely concerned with the filing of my case to the US Supreme Court because I’ve faced a high level of corruption from individuals that control the Judicial System here in North Carolina.
    I believe they have extended their corrupt influence to persawy the dissension making process of the US Courts in North Carolina and the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in Richmond Virginia.
    There is no conceivable reasoning that my civil case could have been denied by an impartial judge for my case to be heard in a court of law.
    The corrupt element I’m up against will do anything to prevent my case from being heard in an honest court of law.
    I’m not being disrespectful, but I have been through multiple kangaroo court sessions here in North Carolina throughout a twelve year period.
    They also have intercepted my appeal to the US Court of Appeals in Richmond Virginia.
    Miss Connors can verify that I had so bring my case to the clerk’s offices by hand, because they had somehow intercepted my appeal and removed an important page of the case. So I had to go there and refill the case in person.
    I’m very unease that the same thing will happen again with my appeal to the US Supreme Court.
    I’ve delivered my case in person to the US Supreme Court as well as mailed a copy through the US Postal System, but I’m still unsure that my case will reach the judges in its proper entirety.
    Then there is all so the fact that I had to try and prepare my case without the help of an attorney, so I know things are not correct in how my case is being presented to the US Supreme Court and I apologize for this. I all so have to fill as an indigent.
    I have made and request to the courts to appoint may case an attorney to present my case in the proper manor.
    This case is very important and me be the last chance in exposing the murder of state senator Vernon Malone and a judicial system controlled by criminals.
    I would like to fax a copy of my case directly to the US Supreme Court so that it can be used to verify that my case has been delivered without wrongful intervention.

    Case: Milford G. Cooper-PETITIONER vs. Attorney Jeffrey R. Edwards , NC Attorney General Roy Cooper “et al.” RESPONDENT(S)
    Criminal Conspiracy Law NC
    In North Carolina a criminal conspiracy — a partnership in crime — is defined as “an agreement between two or more persons to do an unlawful act or to do a lawful act in an unlawful way or by unlawful means.” In order to be convicted of a North Carolina conspiracy offense, a defendant must be shown to have “entered into an unlawful confederation for the criminal purposes alleged.” According to the pattern jury instructions for criminal prosecutions in North Carolina, there are three essential elements of such a conspiracy offense: (1) “that the defendant and [another] entered into an agreement”; (2) “that the agreement was to commit [a crime]”; and (3) “that the defendant and [his coconspirator(s)] intended that the agreement be carried out at the time it was made.” United States v. White 571 F.3d 365,368 (4th Cir. N.C. 2009)


    In or around 2006, I contact my mortgage company JP Morgan Chase Bank to ask them to help me exposé a corrupt Ex-Attorney General Layer, who had placed illegal hidden cameras and listening devices in my home. I wrote a letter to them telling them that I didn’t believe I should have to pay a mortgage under such criminal conditions. I informed them that I had gone to the authorities and FBI here in NC but couldn’t receive any help without definitive proof of my claims. So I stop making mortgage payments and after I was four months in the rears I began to receive notices of pre-foreclosure proceedings. Then the notices stop, and I started to receive notices off pending sale off my home from the attorney firm Brock & Scott, LLC. For the next six years I didn’t receive any more bank payment coupons, but I did revive letters from the law firm of possible actions to be taken against me. JP Morgan Chase Bank did not go through with their foreclosure efforts because they were instructed by a corrupt Ex- Attorney General Lawyer, Jeffery R. Edwards and his associates at the Attorney General’s Offices not to go through with their foreclosure efforts. Which was fine with me?
    Edwards wanted me to stay in the house and the area so he could continue try to obtain or create illegal behavior from me, through criminal actions, civil rights violations, and harassment against me to illicit a criminal response from me. That is way illegal cameras and listing devices were placed in my home, to watch me every day, twenty-four hours a day. Illegal tracing device were also placed on my van and daughters car that I’m know driving. I also face soft harassment by my neighbors past and present because they were insurrected to do so by J. R. Edwards.
    J.R. Edwards tries to use people to illicit a criminal response from, towards them. He will use anyone he can (old people, children, and woman) to harass me and violate my civil rights and committee minor crimes against me.

    The reasons for J. R. Edwards unlawful behavior is that he thought he had the clot to make a neighborhood street into what he wanted it to be on Penn road. I lived in my home for nine years before J. R. Edwards moved in next door to me and Francesco Baret lived across the street from my home on Penn Rd, in Raleigh. It was a low income class neighborhood. A place that I thought was far below an attorney’s means, but anyone can live were the chose.
    No problems exist between me and any of my neighbors before Edwards arrived on the street. Edwards moved in next door to me and tried to run me out of my home. My wife and children lived in our other house on Fitzgerald Dr., were I reside at the present and is the house this civil chase concerns ,J. R. Edwards had off duty police brake into my home, and others on three occasions. I saw them leaving his house later that night when I returned home. I saw them get into a police curser. I called the police station and complained and was told officers weren’t allowed to use polices cars in civilian close, but they didn’t send anyone out to verify the brake into my home. J. R. Edwards also instructed my neighbors to soft harasses me, and watch me, and had Francesco Baret’s son bounce a basketball in front of my house whenever I tried to lie down during the day to take a nap. He also had the Raleigh police partially follow me every day and had others watch me were ever I went. The only way he could have done this is with the baking and authorization form the Attorney Generals Offices in-order to get so many people to do the things they have to me. Regardless of how J. R. Edwards was able to do these things to me. I told Edwards in,or around 2000 that I was going to go to his boss at the Attorney General Office (Roy Cooper) and complain. He told me to go ahead and do so because Mr. R. Cooper was a friend of his. I went there three times to complain over the seven months Edwards lived next door to me. They then banned me from the AG’s Offices and had me arrested for trespassing the next time I went there to complain back around 2001. Edwards ended up moving after only seven months living on Penn road, even though I never did anything to him or anyone. Edwards had probably lost money upon living the house so soon.
    Although, J. R. Edwards had moved away, the crimes, civil rights violations, and harassment continued. So in 2004 I filed charges against Edwards in Federal Court because I knew they had controlled and have great influence over NC State Courts and Judicial system. Edwards was forced to leave the Attorney General Offices which had to have hurt his ego and pride immensely, coursing him grate embarrassment.
    In or around 2002 through 2005, Edwards had paid off Francesco Baret with an illegal job created for him at the Wake Co. Court House as a translator/ leas son for Mexican Americans who couldn’t speak English. This is something that Edwards could not have done on his own.
    James Crouch was my appointed attorney in a false chase brought against me for communicating threats towards Francesco Baret in around 2004, chase file ( No.5:04-CV-277-BR) .
    Mr. Crouch was instructed to have me plead guilty so that they could but me in jail for three months. Now Ex-Attorney, Mr. Crouch is in jail for behavior that I’m sure he thought he had the backing from the Attorney General Offices.
    In and around 2005 through 2006 I began to make my complaints to NC State Legislators, news media, FBI,SBI, Washington DC FBI, and anyone I could, to try to bring about an investigation of Ex-Attorney General Lawyer Jeffery R. Edwards. I went to State Senator Vernon Mallon’s Offices to set up an appointment to speak with him about my problems through his secretary Miss Bonny “something”. Edwards new of this and everything I do through his illegal actions monitoring me that I previously described. Edwards used his influence in the judicial system to try and prevent me from speaking with the senator, probably because they knew that the know deceased Senator Malone, was an old civil rights man, who would have taken my situation very seriously. Because the Senator wasn’t there they had, his secretary set me up with an appointment to speak with some else, but didn’t telling me that it wasn’t senator Mallon. They didn’t know I knew what the senator look like because I say him at a church in Durham NC around 2006 or2007, when Al Sharpton was there as a guest speaker. I was there trying to get Mr. Sharpton’s help with my problems with Edwards. I all so was able to speak with Senator Vernon Malone briefly when he was on his way to Miss Perdue’s Inauguration. He had no idea his offices and secretary was used without his knowledge. I gave him a file of my situation with Edwards and he continued on to the inauguration. I believe the senator was looking into what I had told him and the file I had gave him, which turned out to be detrimental to his health.
    Retired DA Roberts (Wake Co. Court House NC) knows of the corruption and the kangaroo-court sessions he participated in as precaution for the state.
    Secretary of deseeded Senator Vernon Mallon, knows of the crimes and corruption by Ex-Attorney General Lawyer Jeffery R. Edwards, and his help in and out of the judicial system.
    The Judge, who had to recuse himself for threatening me in court before a Superior court trial even began, knows of the crime and corruption by Edwards (but he may be deseeds, now). My past and present neighbors, police, and many other citizens know of the crimes and corruption that Edwards has convinced them to commit with his lies and because he’s an attorney.
    For these reasons and many others that would be hard to believe or prove, I’m requesting a court ordered Grand Jury Investigation of Ex-Attorney General Lawyer Jeffery R. Edwards.

    Request for a Court Ordered Supine’s for imprison ex-attorney James Crouch, retired Distract Attorney Mr. Roberts and deceased Senator’s V. Mallon’s sectary Miss Bonny.

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