Addiction Policy

Addiction is a social disease. It is the end result of an atomized, individualized culture. Addiction is the end result of a person deprived of kinship and kept in isolation. The only true cure for addiction is a society that prioritizes social health and the interconnectedness of all beings within it.

The current, repressive drug policy, whose aim is abstinence, has obviously failed: It has created a black market, where neither minors nor consumers are protected and the rights of non-consumers are ignored. The Pirate Party supports an addiction policy based on scientific facts. This addiction policy is based on the following:

1. Comprehensive, ideology-free education

DARE, and associated police-based drug diversion programs, increase drug use among children exposed to them. True anti-drug education policies must address addiction as a byproduct of a socially isolated society, and provide alternative social engagements for teens at risk of drug abuse.

2. Responsible consumption

It is the responsibility of substance users to minimize the impact their use has on their community. This means safely storing and disposing of products, consuming in such a way that does not cause offense, and preventing your choices from negatively impacting others.

3. Protection of minors and non-consumers

The regulation of drugs has been shown to reduce abuse in children across the board. By regulating access like the private market does with cannabis dispensaries, it will centralize demand and extinguish the black market. Stringent regulation is far safer for minors and non-consumers than prohibition.

4. Help for high-risk consumers

Addicts and people threatened by addiction need our understanding and easy access to all levels of support. We will introduct addiction management systems that help users live normal lives and keep their addiction in control as has been implemented in Switzerland and other countries.

The Pirates will provide damage-minimizing measures, such as free syringes and drug checking. A wide network of help and treatment centers will not just mitigate the worst circumstances, but also reinforce existing community support networks. These changes will relieve the burden on our public healthcare system.

You can also find a copy of it on our wiki.

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