Reproductive Freedom Is A Human Right

People with children are more dependent upon family and community for support. By obligating pregnant individuals to carry their pregnancy to term, they intend to limit the economic and social independence of half the population.

Six years passed between Roe v. Wade and the right declaring their anti-abortion sentiment. The right is institutionally dishonest about their intentions reguarding Roe v. Wade. They don’t care about protecting life at all. If they cared about life, then they would fight to ensure that all children have the family support they need to grow up into healthy, well educated citizens. Instead, they seek to re-establish a segregated society.

Defending Roe v. Wade is about more than just abortion, it’s about defending modern egalitarian society as a whole. The Pirate Party endorses every individual’s right to medical autonomy, and this includes reproduction and sexual health as well.

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