2020 Conference

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We held our 2020 party conference on November 14th and 15th. It was a virtual conference that focused on planning and expanding our platform. We had time for a few speakers with most of the time devoted to discussions. Registration was free.

Live Stream

We live streamed the conference. The recordings are below.

Saturday (Stream updated)




noon-12:15pmCaptain’s Introduction and Year Review
12:15-1pmWhere do we go from here?
1-2pmSpeaker from the Russian Pirate Party
2:30-3:30pmSteve Revilak talks about the discriminatory history of US housing
3:30-4:30pmPlatform Discussion
4:30+Join PPI Pirate Beer


noon-12:30pmQuartermaster’s Introduction and Finances Report
12:30-2:00pmPlatform Discussion – Education with a guest speaker
2:30-2:35pmAddress by the Pirate Party of Italy
2:35-4:30pmPlatform Discussion

Steve Revilak’s Saturday presentation on the discriminatory history of housing in the US is available.


We started revising our platform. Key planks will be:

  • A pirate approach to education
  • Ensuring we all have privacy
  • Fostering Free Software
  • Preventing surveillance
  • Limiting corporate power
  • Decentralized auditing of governments and corporations
  • Ending income inequality
  • Opening government
  • Establishing programs such as a Universal Basic Income and Job Guarantee

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