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IRC meetings moving to Mondays, 9-10pm

To better accommodate the schedule of Pirate Council members we are moving the IRC meetings to Mondays, 9-10pm. We will not have a meeting tonight (Thursday), but will instead start the new schedule this Monday, July 6th. Have a great Independence Day! Read more

You can now register to vote on-line

Massachusetts is now the 21st state that allow you to register to vote on-line. If you aren't registered to vote or want to register in the Pirate political designation, check out If you do, we would appreciate hearing your feedback on how easy i... Read more

Fast Track Passes, Work to Stop the TPP

Unfortunately the Senate voted to give the president fast track trade authority for six years. While the Massachusetts delegation voted against it, not everyone did in New England including NH senator Jeanne Shaheen. The vote in the House was very close and that is where we will need to focus o... Read more

Olympics Feedback Wanted

Back in March we asked for opinions on the bid to host the Olympics in Boston. We got some feedback and have continued to ask opinions the bid. Now we ask you to vote on what our position on the Boston Olympics should be. Fill out our anonymous form to express your opinion by Sunday, July 7th. ... Read more

#FreeBree: The Woman Who Took Down the Flag

On Saturday, Bree Newsome scaled a thirty foot flagpole, and took down the Confederate flag flying at the South Carolina statehouse. The images are amazing to look at. This was both an act of civil disobedience and an act of extreme courage. To many -- and especially to those in the black commun... Read more

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Candidates Wanted

Candidates Wanted

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The Mass. Pirate Party weekly chat is every Monday at 9pm, Eastern time. To get on:

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