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Jan 2014: a Month in MBTA Surveillance Video Requests

If you've a regular rider of the MBTA, you've undoubtedly noticed a proliferation of surveillance cameras during the last few years. Maybe you've watched yourself in the video monitors over the northbound E-Line platform at Park Street. Maybe you've played "count the surveillance cameras" while wal... Read more

Senate blocks Section 215 renewal

The Senate rejected two Patriot Act Section 215 renewals.  Both failed to reach the 60 votes needed for cloture.  The first was the USA Freedom Act, which failed 57 to 42.  Senators Warren and Markey both voted for it.  The second was a straight renewal of the expiring sections of the Patriot Act, w... Read more

Saturday, March Against Monsanto

We will again participate in the March Against Monsanto this Saturday, May 23rd. We will be there because of Monsanto’s excessive control over our food supply and seeds, their support for gene patents, and the tactics they have used against farmers. We will assemble at 12:30pm in front of the Sta... Read more

Time to #SunsetThePatriotAct, Call Senators Warren & Markey

Thanks to everyone who attended the vigil in front of the Federal Office building in Boston last night!  Boston, Springfield and forty eight other cities showed their support for ending Section 215 of the Patriot act and halting the NSA's efforts to log who you call, when, for how long and from wher... Read more

Thursday EMERGENCY Mass. Sunset Vigils to Sunset the PATRIOT Act

WHAT: Mass vigil at sunset against mass surveillance - happening in 50 cities across the U.S. WHEN: Thursday, May 21st as the sun is setting (aka 7pm) WHERE: Boston - Gather outside Senator Elizabeth Warren's office at 2400 JFK Federal Building, 15 New Sudbury Street, Boston, MA 02203. S... Read more

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6/13, Boston Pride Parade

6/13 Boston Pride Parade

Candidates Wanted

Candidates Wanted

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