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Putting Paris in Perspective

On Friday November 13th a group of armed fellows shot up, and attempted to blow up parts of Paris. In the process, they killed approximately 130 people. That's tragic. I'm sad that it happened, and I feel really bad for the people affected. But then again, I'm from the United States -- where m... Read more

Tonight’s Cryptoparty is canceled

The Somerville cryptoparty scheduled for tonight has been canceled due to illness. Keep an eye out here or at for when the next one will be.  It shouldn't be any later than January. If you want to help out with other cryptoparties in New England, join our cryptoparty@masspir... Read more

Urgent: Stop banksters from stealing people’s houses!

The Massachusetts House and Senate passed S.2057/S.2015 which says it will clear titles to foreclosed properties, but is really an attempt by banksters to limit the rights of people who have been illegally foreclosed on to challenge their foreclosure.  S.2057 would sanction the theft of property.  P... Read more

Cryptoparty, Wednesday, 6-9pm

The next Somerville cryptoparty will be this Wednesday, November 25th. It will be from 6-9pm at Parts and Crafts, 577 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA 02143. Since it is the day before Thanksgiving, we will likely keep it low key.  It will have key signing and there will be people who are happy to ... Read more

Tomorrow: Surveillance Talk at Boston Anarchist Bookfair, Sat., 1pm

Quartermaster Steve will also give a talk called "The surveillance state and what to do about it" at the Boston Anarchist Bookfair this Saturday.  It is from 1pm to 2:30pm in Room 222. Presentation slides: The Surveillance State, and what to do about it Also, we will be tabling at the bookfair... Read more

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Urgent: Stop banksters from stealing people’s houses!

Urgent: Stop banksters from stealing people’s houses!

2016 Campaign Meeting, 12/6

Candidates Wanted

Candidates Wanted

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The Mass. Pirate Party weekly chat is every Monday at 9pm, Eastern time. To get on:

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Remote-Controlled Society Video Up

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