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At the flick of a … what?

A friend recently showed me a press release from the House Judiciary Committee, titled "at the flick of a switch". The press release is a little (shall we say) odd, and my first reaction was "wow, somebody hacked the Judiciary Committee's website". After clicking around, I realized that it was an ... Read more

The Internal Panetta Review: Still a secret

One of last year's prominent stories was a Senate subcommittee investigation into allegations of CIA torture. A Guardian article mentioned a document called the Internal Panetta Review. I submitted a public records request for the Internal Panetta Review on March 16th, 2014. March 16, 2014 ... Read more

Worcester Cryptoparty – March 22nd

The Massachusetts Pirate Party's next cryptoparty is Sunday March 22nd, from 2pm-4pm at the Worcester Public Library, 3 Salem Street, Worcester, MA 01608. The event will take place in the Banx Room. What's a cryptoparty? It's a gathering where people learn about cryptography, and how to keep the... Read more

Your Voice: Boston Olympics

We have had some interesting discussions on IRC about Boston's bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics.   Some of us point to the lack of transparency of the private bid, the fact that most recent Olympics have been wildly over budget usually at government expense and the resulting increase in poli... Read more

The Stingray: Another Fine Product from Harris Corporation

The Stingray: Another Fine Product from Harris Corporation During the last few months, we've started to learn more about IMSI catchers, more commonly known as Stingrays. Essentially, a stingray is a device that announces "Hello ... I'm a cell tower"; mobile phones in the area respond with "hello... Read more

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