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The Pirate Council Needs You!

We announced that we are looking for people to be on the Pirate Council and that we will hold elections for the Pirate Council at Pirate Con over a month ago.  Since then we made a few changes to its composition. Previously the Pirate Council was composed of a Captain, Quartermaster, 1st Officer ... Read more

3-2 for Net Neutrality, and this is a Good Thing

With yesterday's FCC ruling, broadband providers are now classified as Title II common carriers. This is a Good Thing. To understand the importance of this ruling, it's helpful to look at another industry that was affected by common carriage laws, and compare the situation then with the situatio... Read more

Steve Revilak runs for Arlington Town Meeting

Steve Revilak, long time activist as well as our quartermaster and champion FOIA submitter, will be running for Arlington town meeting on March 28th. He handed in his signatures at the beginning of February with plenty of time for the February 7th deadline. Four town meeting member pos... Read more

Net Neutrality and Community Broadband Pass at FCC

We are very pleased that the FCC voted today to approve Net Neutrality and Community Broadband.   It was only due to the work of thousands of activists and millions of citizens like you.  While we are savoring this moment, we know a new administration could undo these important changes.  We will rem... Read more

Will Fleurant on Meshnets – March 4th

On Wed. March 4th, Pirate Will Fleurant will give a presentation on Meshnets to the Boston Desktop Linux Users Group. This event will take place at Akamai's Office, 8 Cambridge Center, Cambridge MA. You'll find more event details here: Read more

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St Patrick’s Peace Parade – Mar 15th

Candidates Wanted

Candidates Wanted

Join the Pirate Council!

Join the Pirate Council!

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