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Mass. lines Hollywood’s pockets with half a billion dollars

The latest Massachusetts Department of Revenue report on the impact of film tax credits is out. Hollywood took us for $64.5 million in 2014. This is money that went to Hollywood film studios and didn't go to our schools, roads and other vital services. From 2006 to 2014, Massachusetts has given $... Read more

It took seven legislators

Seven legislators is all it took to delay selling cannabis legally in Massachusetts.  The voters agreed that one year is enough to figure out the regulations for cannabis stores. But less than two handfuls of legislators decided to delay the inevitable for six more months. Their excuse is that th... Read more

Stop banksters from stealing people’s homes

Over 70,000 people were foreclosed on in Massachusetts due to the financial crisis. The banksters were responsible to keep track of the paperwork on who owned the property that they sold. But they didn't. Instead they created foreclosure mills where employees made up paperwork the banks were resp... Read more

Today, come out to celebrate Cannabis legalization

Cannabis is legal today! Thank you to the 1.7 million voters who approved Question 4 to legalize Cannabis. Thank you and congratulations to the thousands of volunteers who put in years of work to make this day possible. A decade ago, getting cannabis legalized was only a dream, but today it is... Read more

Saturday, 1pm, Manning Birthday Standout

This Saturday, the 17th, we will join Chelsea Manning supporters for a stand out on her birthday. It will be from 1-2pm in front of the Park St. MBTA stop in downtown Boston. Please send her a birthday card and support her struggle. Read more

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