Immigrants Welcome

The United States is a country of immigrants. Whether they arrived this year or 15,000 years ago, immigrants have long brought new ideas. People from all over the world call the United States home, expanding our cultural tableau, and we are a better country for it. Opposition to immigration is based entirely in a desire to maintain a culture of political, economic, and social white supremacy. Xenophobia is frequently used to radicalize moderate conservatives into adopting other hard-line white supremacist viewpoints through the baseless “great replacement” conspiracy theory.

Borders exist to separate workers into ideologically controllable ethnocultural enclaves to incite conflict and depress wages. This leaves the monied elite free to roam the globe, beyond the reach of law. The laws used to enforce the divisions between us are inherently violent, being the primary tool of extractive capitalism. Colonizers do not have the authority to draw borders on stolen land.

We need new immigrants to bring in fresh ways of doing things and keep our economy competitive. All workers deserve a safe workplace, time for living, and an equitable wage. The reason for work is to provide for yourself and your family, creating a better life for those whom are important to you and your community. Why else make such sacrifice if not to spend every moment with them. Instead, we seek to be useful to the world in exchange for all the things need to provide a good life for them. Labor is entitled to all it creates.

The financial privileges enjoyed by the global 1% are the fruit of an ecocidal financial system which, regards us as fiscally disposable chaff. Borders exist so multinational companies can pick and choose the most advantageous tax shelter, while pitting governments and their residents against each other in a race to the bottom. This enculturates an us-vs-them, zero-sum mentality. Working people have no borders. Everyone has a right to the pursuit of happiness and as pirates we aim to ensure every crew member on our beautiful planet can partake in our worlds fortunes.

The Massachusetts Pirate Party welcomes new immigrants and supports abolishing all borders.

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