Freedom of the Press

Brain Candy

No one ever established that the press was meant to do anything more than inform the public of what any given publisher wants the public to know. Freedom of the press only guarantees us protection from government suppression of facts, not corporate suppression of same. If we want that to change, we will have to legislate it.

For example, in the same way food manufacturers became required to list ingredients in order of quantity (suddenly the first ingredient in every kids’ cereal “became” sugar), so too should information shows be required to list the contents of their programs by quantity. What is today is called news would after legislation be called:

Opinion, advertising, sports coverage, celebrity gossip, and *select* current events. Contains less than 2% of the following: Things you need to know. Trace amounts of: Things you’d like to have everyone know. DISCLAIMER: This product is not intended for use as a single source of information. Intellectual malnutrition may result.

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