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The legislative session ends at midnight tonight, and the Massachusetts House has not yet passed the Electronic Privacy Act (S.2299) giving warrant protection to your digital data. Put in a call today and urge them to pass this bill. The ACLU also has put up a site for you to send them an email.


Have you ever wondered what the average CIA employee sees when the come into work and log into their computer? I was curious about this, so I sent the CIA a FOIA request for a screen shot of the agency's intranet home page. I'd like to provide a report on the status of my request. The Request My FOIA request to the CIA: May 23, 2014 Information and Privacy Coordinator Central Intelligence Agency Washington, D.C. 20505 Dear Coordinator, Under the Freedom of Information Act...
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On Sunday, August 10th, we will hold the annual Pirate Picnic on Georges Island in Boston Harbor. It is our annual strategy social. It is a potluck and there are grills where we will be. Everyone is welcome to attend. The island is a great place to explore and fun for kids. We will leave on the noon ferry which departs from Long Wharf in Boston near the New England Aquarium. You can purchase tickets on-line. Hope you can make it and please invite your friends to it. Directions: Get of...
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Several of us attended HOPE-X (aka, the tenth Hackers on Planet Earth conference) this year. Of course, the main highlights of the conference were interviews with Daniel Ellsberg, and Edward Snowden (including a segment where Ellsberg and Snowden were interviewing each other). Of course, there were plenty of other talks to see. Ladar Levison talked about the National Security Letter that led him to close Lavabit. Nick Merrill talked about fighting a national security letter while serving a...
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May 27th was a rather unusual day. Or to put it more bluntly, May 27th kind of sucked. In the days beforehand, the ACLU had made a public records request to the Sarasota, FL police department, regarding their use of Stingray devices in law enforcement operations. Specifically, the ACLU asked for "any records made or received by [the Sarasota Police Department] related to the use of cell phone tracking equipment, including but not limited to, any device known as stingray or stingray II." ...
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