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Monthly archive: July 2012

Senate CISPA Up For A Vote This Week, Help Stop it!

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It looks like this week the Senate will be voting on the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 (S 3414).  This bill is the Senate version of CISPA, and remains a solution looking for a problem. Thankfully, the Senate has listened to the outcry over CISPA and has made a bill that better protects our privacy.  However, it still authorizes companies to use cybersecurity as an excuse to engage in monitoring of user data and could prevent users from using privacy-tools such as TOR over their network. This bill has the support of the White House, so we cannot count on President Obama to veto it. We need you to tell both Senators to oppose S 3414, while also working to add pro-privacy amendments to it.   Please call the numbers listed below or fill out their contact forms.  Thanks! Scott Brown (202) 224-4543 John Kerry (202) 224-2742

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We’ll be at Hope Number 9!

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This weekend, 1st Officer Lauren Pespisa will join David House and the Bradley Manning Support Network at Hope Number 9 in New York City.  There, she will be talking about the Pirate Party and our support for Bradley Manning and Wikileaks.  If you will be at Hope Number 9, drop in at the Bradley Manning Support Network table and say hi to Lauren.  To help Bradley Manning, please check his Support Network’s Take Action page.

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ACTA is Dead!

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In a 478-to-39 vote, the European Parliament rejected ACTA. For all intents ACTA is dead.  Without EU support and with other countries rejecting it, ACTA is unlikely to go anywhere. No doubt parts of it will reappear in other secret draft treaties, especially the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement. But on this Independence Day, we thank all who voiced their opposition to ACTA, especially the European Pirate and Green Parties!

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