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Today, I will be speaking with Alex Marthews of, Gregg Housh and others at a panel on privacy and security in the wake of the Boston Marathon attacks. It is free and open to the public. It will be at Boston University from 6-8pm today. It takes place at the 5th Floor Faculty Dining Lounge at the GSU 775 Comm. Ave., Boston. Please spread the word about it. You can also invite people to it on Facebook. Thanks!


Yet again the House of Representatives passed the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), this time by a vote of 288 to 127. This time, some Congress members cravenly used the Marathon bombings as justification for passing CISPA.  The entire Massachusetts delegation did not vote as they were here due to Marathon bombing remembrance ceremonies last Thursday, but all voted against it last time and five of the nine voted against considering CISPA earlier.  Kennedy, Lynch, Markey, and...
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I want to express our condolences to the families of those killed yesterday in the Boston Marathon bombings as well as our hope for a speedy recovery for those who suffered physical and mental trauma. No one should endure such tragedies or have their lives or loved ones taken away from them in a split second. I wish I could say I was shocked by yesterday's bombing, but after Oklahoma City, 9/11 and far too many mass shootings, I just cannot be. I also want to add my thanks to all who helped, ...
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The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) is a law that has been repeatedly misused to go after net activists and handout draconian punishments. Aaron Swartz is but one example. Indeed the CFAA can be easily read so broadly that anyone under 18 who reads news on-line could be a criminal. Yet, the Department of Justice wants to make this bill even worse, and Congress seems willing to help. We are asking you to help take a stand against the CFAA, and demand it be fixed. Three things you can d...
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The Real News has a ten minute interview that explains the problem with the TransPacific Partnership (TPP) trade treaty the Obama administration is negotiating in secret with all of the Pacific nations except China. Just like the ACTA treaty, corporations are involved in the secret negotiations. The EFF has the low down on the copyright implications of the treaty, but the patent provisions look particularly bad. The provisions that would allow corporations to sue countries, states and cities for...
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Written by Zacqary Adam Green, Operations Officer of the New York Pirate Party and posted at On this day of April 1st, 2013, I’m pleased to announce that MPAA Chairman Former Senator Chris Dodd is now a member of the US Pirate Party, and we will be running him for President in 2016. Now, he’s not aware of this, and he’s finding it out right now just like the rest of you. But in a country where it’s legal for a former senator to be hired by the lobbying organization for one of h...
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