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You can now register as a Pirate when you fill out your voter registration form.  When choosing a party, simply enter Pirate in the space for Political Designation.  You can pick up a voter registration form at your city elections office or town clerk's office or request one be sent to you from the Massachusetts Elections Division at their voter registration request page. Here is the official press release, please forward it widely, especially to your local media.  Much thanks to Thanks to ...
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The US Senate approved a 90 day extension to the expiring provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act, including: The government’s power under USA PATRIOT Act Section 215 to obtain secret court orders for Internet, phone and business records of people who are not suspected of terrorism or spying; The government’s "lone wolf wiretapping" power, allowing it to get court orders authorizing secret foreign intelligence wiretaps against individuals who have no connection to any foreign power...
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No one ever established that the press was meant to do anything more than inform the public of what any given publisher wants the public to know. Freedom of the press only guarantees us protection from government suppression of facts, not corporate suppression of same. If we want that to change, we will have to legislate it. For example, in the same way food manufacturers became required to list ingredients in order of quantity (suddenly the first ingredient in every kids' cereal "became" sug...
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Thanks to those pirates who contacted our Representatives, especially Keating, Lynch and Tsongas, to urge them to vote against extending various anti-privacy provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act.  The House of Representatives held another vote yesterday, and the entire Massachusetts delegation voted for privacy and against increased government surveillance. Unfortunately, it looks like the House will approve this bill and so we need to stop it in the Senate.  Please contact both of our Senators ...
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Yesterday, the US House of Representatives had a fast-tracked vote on whether to renew several troubling provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act.  The law has increased the government's ability to spy on us without increasing oversight to make sure the FBI and other agencies are not abusing these powers.  The fast-track vote required a two thirds vote and, thankfully, failed.  Most of the Massachusetts delegation voted against the bill, but Representatives Keating, Lynch and Tsongas voted in favor of ...
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