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Quartermaster Steve and I will join other Pirates at the Boston Protest Against Muslim Ban and Anti-Immigration Orders. It is this Sunday, 1-3pm at Copley Square, 560 Boylston St, Boston. You can find us by looking for the our banner or flags. Trump is denying valid green card holders, immigrants and vetted asylum seekers entry to the US simply because they were born in one of seven countries. People have been denied access to their families simply by trying to return here. Pirates don't beli...
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I learned recently from Susan McLucas, a long-time local activist for Chelsea Manning, that president Obama commuted Chelsea's sentence. She will be released from prison on May 17th. I think I speak for most, if not all, Pirates that we are very happy and relieved that Chelsea will be free in four months. Thanks to everyone who kept up their support for her and indeed increased it. I personally appreciate the effort of the Chelsea Manning Support Network, Evan Greer, Fight for the Future, Sus...
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With Trump about to become president and Obama considering pardoning Chelsea Manning in his last days as president, please call the Office of the Pardon Attorney at 202-616-6070 and/or the DOJ comments line at 202-353-1555 and urge president Obama to pardon Chelsea. Fight for the Future is sharing a script you can use: “Hi, I saw on the Today Show that President Obama is considering commuting Chelsea Manning’s sentence. I calling to strongly encourage him to do so. Chelsea Manning has suffered ...
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We have a tech meeting this Saturday, the 21st, 2-4pm. It will be in Arlington. Email Quartermaster Steve at for the address if you plan to attend.


We are planning PirateCon 2017 for April and looked at holidays, school dates and other events to narrow down a few choices: weekends of April 8th or the 29th, basically. The 2017 survey is at and we want your viewpoint. Please submit your survey by the 31st. If you have suggestions for locations or speakers, please drop us a line. Thanks.


Thanks to everyone who joined us in opposing the the Boston Police Department's plans to spend $1.4 million to spy on Bostonians' social media use. The BPD recently announced that they are scrapping those plans. For now. We will keep our eyes on the BPD and other Massachusetts police departments for the next attempt.


The latest Massachusetts Department of Revenue report on the impact of film tax credits is out. Hollywood took us for $64.5 million in 2014. This is money that went to Hollywood film studios and didn't go to our schools, roads and other vital services. From 2006 to 2014, Massachusetts has given $548.1 million away in film tax credits. While it has generated some new jobs, it cost Massachusetts $106,099 for each new job created. The average salary for a Massachusetts worker as of May 2015 was ...
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Yes on Questions 1 & 2!`

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Party Conference, 11/14-15

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Stop the EARN IT Act!

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