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Friday, 1/1/2016, will be the 10th anniversary of the founding of the first Pirate Party, the Swedish Pirate Party.  We will celebrate it with a potluck from noon to 3pm at 25 Moore St., Somerville, an easy walk from the Davis Sq. MBTA stop. Since it is a holiday, you can park anywhere on the street. See you then!


Our federal government recently got a lesson in backdoors. Hopefully, the lesson will not be lost on them. Juniper makes network equipment: firewalls, routers, switches and the like. The company recently announced the discovery of a backdoor in ScreenOS, the operating system that runs their firewalls. Juniper firewalls are widely used in both the private and public sectors. Heck, even I used to have a good working knowledge of ScreenOS, from a couple of years spent administering Juniper (th...
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Where: Park Street Station on the Boston Common When: 1:00-2:00 PM Saturday, December 19 Imprisoned in 2010 and held for months under torturous conditions, Chelsea Manning was sentenced to 35 years in August 2013 for releasing many military secrets about US crimes in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan among other things. If this stands, she'll be out in 2045. We cannot let this happen! In honor of Chelsea Manning's 28th birthday (December 17th) this December 19th 2015, long-time sup...
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The US House passed the Omnibus spending bill today and it contains a version of CISA that will further increase useless mass surveillance and sacrifice your privacy and tax dollars.  We expect to hear many rationalizations on why eight of our nine US Representatives had to vote for it, but with the vote 316-113 and most of them in very safe districts, they couldn't even put up token resistance to an expanding surveillance state. There is something you can do to resist.  Help get Pirates elec...
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Our fourth 2016 campaign meeting is this Saturday, December 19th.  The notes of our three previous meetings are up. If you want to ensure that Pirates shake up our one party state, join us. We will meet at Pizzeria Regina, 353 Cambridge St., Allston (Boston), just off the Pike. It starts at 3pm and ends at 5pm. Tell us you are coming so we know how big to make the reservation. We have a lot to do.  Our first few tasks we need help with are: Post videos on: why run planning your c...
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There is a Somerville Crypto Party on Wednesday, December 30th. It will be from 6-9pm at Parts and Crafts, 577 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA 02143. It is a potluck, so bring food to share. It will key signing and there will be people who are happy to answer your computer and networking security questions. It is BYOB. Hope you can make it! If you want to help out with this or other cryptoparties in New England, join our email list. You can sign up at https://lis...
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Leaders in Congress are trying to pass an expanded CISA, the Cyber Information Sharing Act, in the "must pass" omnibus spending bill.  The House vote is likely tomorrow. These changes will broaden it to include non-cybersecurity crimes, pull what little privacy protections it had, encourag ISPs like Comcast to log everything you send so the government can scoop it up and allow the NSA to collect it all. The terrorists who attacked Paris and San Bernardino weren't identified by meta data an...
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Our Winter 2015 newsletter is available for download (PDF). Thanks to Kendra for putting it together and for everyone who submitted articles for it. If you want to help with the Spring newsletter, please join the Welcoming committee.


We have a bunch of videos we took of PirateCon 2015 that could stand to be cleaned up and posted to our YouTube channel. The Rick Falkvinge talk is already done. If you want to help, we uploaded the raw video, pictures & slides to mega.  You can access the folder at:!P8gGnLST!wXP0vUl-1qewhrg7S_V83A The details for the talks are posted at: If you want to take one on, we would appreciate you telli...
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There are three upcoming events this week we will be at. FSF's 2015 Giving Guide Giveaway, Wed., 12/16, 6pm The Free Software Foundation is holding their 2015 Giving Guide Giveaway this Wednesday, December 16th. They will meet at 6pm in front of the ticket gates inside the Davis T Station. At 6:15pm, they'll put on elf hats (provided) and take a walk around the sidewalks of Davis square, handing out 2015 Giving Guide flyers as they go. The action will be quick—about twenty minutes—and then...
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