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Monthly archive: December 2014

Nope, No Public Records Enforcement Here

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Before last November’s election, the Bay State Examiner did a story about a debate between candidates for Secretary of the Commonwealth. One of the paragraphs that caught my attention was a quote from Green Party Candidate Danny Factor But, for the past four years, Galvin’s office has refused to refer any cases to the attorney general’s office. The two agencies have point fingers at each other, with Galvin claiming that the attorney general’s office doesn’t consider the public records law to be a priority and the attorney general’s office denying it. I found this statement rather surprising, since the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s Office is supposed to be the champion of our public records laws. This led me to file a pair of public records requests: one to the Secretary of the Commonwealth, and one to the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office. The requests are trying to get both sides of a story. One asks the Secretary of the Commonwealth how many public records cases they’ve referred to the AG during the first half of 2014: Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2014 15:47:52 -0500 To: Subject: Massachusetts Public Records Request Supervisor of Records Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth Dear Supervisor: This is a request under the Massachusetts Public Records Law (M. G. L. Chapter 66, Section 10). I am requesting that I be provided a copy of the following records: Copies of all notification letters sent to the Attorney General under 950 CMR 32.09 (Enforcement of Orders), during the period January 1, 2014 through June 30, 2014. I recognize that you may charge reasonable costs for copies, as well as for personnel time needed to comply with this request. If you expect costs to exceed $10.00, please provide a detailed fee estimate. I would prefer to receive responsive documents … Read more

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Mass Pirates Endorse Statement of Solidarity Against Online Harassment

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Earlier this year, a member of the Tor project was subject to online harassment. The Tor project responded with a statement of Solidarity Against Online Harassment, which the Massachusetts Pirate Party is proud to endorse. The internet can be a wonderful place, where people are free to exchange information and ideas. It can also be a dreary place where every sociopath is your next door neighbor. Harassment shouldn’t be tolerated in physical spaces, and it shouldn’t be tolerated in digital spaces either. We agree with the Tor folks: statements like these are just the beginning of a conversation. We condone neither harassment nor discrimination, and we encourage ideas about how to make all spaces more civil and welcoming.

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Dec. 13th Planning Meeting Postponed

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Hello fellow pirates, Due to an unforseen set of circumstances, we have to postpone the planning meeting scheduled for Sat. Dec 13th at the Worcester public library. We hope to reschedule the meeting for sometime in January. We apologize for the late notice, and thank everyone for their continued support. Quartermaster Steve

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Planning Meeting, Tomorrow, 12/7, 1pm, Boston

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We have two 2015 planning meetings coming up. We will discuss PirateCon 2015, our focus for 2015, how we can open up decision making/participation to more people, and updating our platform. We will also learn how to use our CiviCRM tool ( Our first meeting will be tomorrow, Sunday, December 7th starting at 1pm. It will be at encuentro 5 (e5) near the Park St. MBTA station in Boston. The address is 9 Hamilton Place, Suite 2A, Boston, MA 02108. Little to no off street parking is available, but parking garages are near by. This meeting will include our election year review. Our second meeting will be Saturday, December 13th starting at 3pm. It will be at the Banx room of the Worcester Public Library, which is near the entrance. The address is 3 Salem St, Worcester, MA 01608. Free parking is available close by. The second meeting will also discuss out 2015 budget and fundraising plans. Update: Due to an unforseen set of circumstances, we have to postpone the Dec. 13th planning meeting. We hope to reschedule for sometime in January.

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Preliminary Results from our PirateCon 2015 Survey

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Here are some of the preliminary results from our PirateCon 2015 survey.  Twenty two people participated. When Should we Hold Piratecon 2015? January 2 February 4 March 9 April 13 May 12 June 7 July 4 Where Should we Hold Piratecon? Boston, Cambridge, Somerville Area 13 Route 128 belt 7 Between 128 and 495 4 West of 495 5 How would you prefer to get to the conference? Public transit 11 Bus (PeterPan, etc) 2 Car 9 Car to public transit 7 Bicycle 6 How Long Should PirateCon Last? The usual one day is fine 14 Saturday & Sunday 7 Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday 3 If Pirate Con could only be on one day, choose which days work for you? Saturday 18 Sunday 7 Should we arrange for childcare at the conference site? Yes 11 No 11 Conference Topics Building third-party coalitions 11 Corporate power 9 Environment 7 Filing FOIA and public records requests 11 Income inequality 11 Minimum wage 9 Net neutrality 17 Open government 15 Organizing 5 Patents 3 Proposing local legislation 9 Pirate strategy 12 Running campaigns 10 The war on drugs 7 We are thinking about choosing a date and several differently sized locations and then crowdfunding the payment and setup costs. Would you be interested in participating in our crowdfunding efforts? No 4 I would help fund the conference 8 Also, will tell my friends 7 And, I would help organize the crowdfunding effort 4 Where do you live? Western Mass. 4 Along 495 4 Along 128 1 Greater Boston 7 South Shore 1 Somewhere else 1

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Last day to fill out our PirateCon 2015 survey

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We skipped PirateCon in 2014 to focus on our candidates, but we are planning one for 2015. We need your feedback to make it even better than PirateCon 2013. We created a questionnaire to get your feedback. Please submit your response by midnight tonight (Monday). If you aren’t sure what happens at a PirateCon, take a look at the videos from our 2013 & 2012 conferences. Is there a survey question you feel we missed? Suggest it in the comments below and we will work to get it in.

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