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Monthly archive: June 2017

July 8th, Day Against DRM

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Our Day Against DRM event is July 8th and we want your help getting the word out about the evils of DRM. We will meet in front of the Park Street MBTA stop at 11am. Around 11:15am we will fan out around the area to hand out flyers and hold signs in opposition to Digital Rights Management (DRM) software and in support of the right of repair. Once we are done, we will find a place to eat and talk about building the Pirate Party in Boston and other communities. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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Today, Somerville Cryptoparty

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The monthly Somerville Cryptoparty is today, the 28th, from 6pm-9pm. It will be at Sprout & Co, 339R Summer St, Somerville. The closest MBTA stop is Davis Sq. The building is in the rear of the driveway. We helped with two Boston Public Library cryptoparties last week.  Both the libraries and the participants asked us to come back. Thanks to Ben, Andrew, Chris, John and Steve for helping. If you want to help, share ideas or ask advice, please sign up to the cryptoparty mailing list. To find out about upcoming cryptoparties, visit

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Kill The House’s Cannabis Bill in Reconciliation

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The Massachusetts House approved its repeal and rewrite of Question 4 legalizing Cannabis.  You can find how your legislator voted at the end of this post. Differences between the House bill and Question 4 include: sharply raise total pot taxes to a mandatory 28 percent, from a maximum of 12 percent in the ballot question; give municipal officials, instead of local voters, the power to ban cannabis shops and farms from their communities. The Senate approved its bill on Thursday, which used the Question 4 language and did not change the tax on Cannabis or remove citizen control over banning sale or production of Cannabis.  MassCANN/NORML is urging voters to support the Senate Bill. The House and Senate will need to reconcile their bills by their self-imposed deadline of June 30th. Today, please find your House legislator’s contact info and urge them to pressure the conference committee to adopt the Senate’s Bill.  If you can, please attend tonight’s 7:30pm Milford Freedom Rally for Sensible Marijuana Regulation, Draper Park, Milford, MA 01757.

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Cyptoparties Saturday & Wednesday

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On Saturday, the 24th, 11am-1pm, several computer privacy/security activists will show how you can protect your privacy on-line.  It will be at the South Boston Boston Public Library Branch, 646 East Broadway. The monthly Somerville Cryptoparty will be Wednesday, the 28th, from 6pm-9pm. It will likely be at Sprout & Co, 339R Summer St, Somerville. The building is in the rear of the driveway. To find out about upcoming cryptoparties, visit

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MassCANN Rally Today

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Today, MassCANN/NORML will hold a rally at 10am in front of the State House to urge legislators to oppose the House bill to add further regulations on cannabis. The bill would: increase the tax to 28% on recreational sales and 21.75% on medical sales; require everyone who wishes to work in the cannabis industry and everyone who applies for a license and everyone they associate with in the course of business to be investigated and fingerprinted with the information shared with the FBI; grant local elected officials unilateral ability to limit or ban marijuana retail stores, cultivation facilities, testing hubs, and manufacturing sites for marijuana-infused products, instead of requiring a citizen vote; make the personal possession of hemp seeds and cultivation of hemp for personal use a crime. We urge you to come out to this rally today.

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Pirate Council Election Results

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We have completed the vote counting and the following people have been elected: Captain – James O’Keefe First Officer – Noelani Kamelamela Quartermaster – Joseph Onoroski Activism Director – Malt Schlitzmann Board of Arbitrators Steve Revilak Moses Sukin Malt Schlitzmann US Pirate Party Representatives Malt Schlitzmann – Primary Joseph Onoroski – Secondary Congratulations to everyone elected and thanks to outgoing Quartermaster Steve Revilak for his many years of hard work keeping our finances on an even keel. We have a number of vacancies and encourage pirates who want to build the party to volunteer to in one of the open positions. Nineteen people voted. The election results were: Pirate Council Position First Second NOTA Abstentions Captain 15 – James O’Keefe 2 – Joseph Onoroski 0 2 First Officer 14 – Noelani Kamelamela 3 – Joseph Onoroski 0 2 Quartermaster 12 – Joseph Onoroski 0 6 PR/Media Director 10 – Joseph Onoroski 0 9 Activism Director 13 – Malt Schlitzmann 0 6 Swarmwise Director 7 – Joseph Onoroski 2 10 Web Info Director 10 – Joseph Onoroski 2 7 Board of Arbitrators Position First Second Third Fourth NOTA Abstentions Arbitrator 7 – Steve Revilak 5 – Moses Sukin 3 – Malt Schlitzmann 1 – Joseph Onoroski 0 3 US Pirate Party Representatives Position First Second NOTA Abstentions US Pirate Party Representative 11 – Malt Schlitzmann 4 – Joseph Onoroski 0 4  

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PirateCon 2017 Talk Videos Available

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The video recordings of PirateCon 2017 are now up as a video playlist of all of the talks or embedded below. We will make them available via BitTorrent. You can find out more about PirateCon 2017 as well as the audio recordings as they are processed. A big thanks to everyone who participated, spoke at it and most especially volunteered. Qualifying the Integrity of Media Sources Electoral Action Media & Liberation FOIA: Transparency by a Thousand Papercuts Organizing for a Sustainable, Accountable Movement Lightning Talks State of Surveillance

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Saturday: March with us in the Pride Parade

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This Saturday, June 10th, we will again march in the Boston Pride Parade. This is our sixth consecutive year marching in the parade and we want you to march with us. We support everyone’s ability to love who they want. Ultimately we are stronger together when equal rights are enjoyed by all. We will assemble in front of 49 Gloucester Street, near Boylston St. in Boston. Gloucester Street is just across the street from the Hines Auditorium and close to the Trader Joes on Boylston St. The report time for our marchers is 1pm and both we and the parade organizers would appreciate it if you arrived by then.

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MassCANN/NORML rally today

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MassCANN and NORML are holding a rally today in support of the referendum that legalized Cannabis. It will be on the State House steps at 11:30am and Pirates will be there.. After the rally, they are asking supporters to talk with their representatives and urge them to support various bills, such as expanded protections for children (H3195), requiring employers treat employees who use Cannabis the same as people who use alcohol (H3195), expungement of records for people convicted of the now legal act of possession of Cannabis (support S. 1062). Additionally, they want patient’s rights protected (support H 2385) and want local licenses issued to local businesses and minority business owners (H 3505).

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Hearings Today & Tuesday on asset forfeitures, stingrays, drones and police in schools

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Got word from our friends at Digital 4th that there will be a mammoth Judiciary Committee hearing at the State House at 1pm, including hearings on several key bills of interest to Pirates. Here is the hearing announcement: The hearing will cover: S. 820 / H. 2316, our asset forfeiture repeal bill, which Digital 4th worked on with the ACLU of Massachusetts: S. 943 / H. 2332, which would require a warrant for stingray use: H. 3581, which would require a warrant for drone use and prohibit drones equipped with weapons or facial recognition technology: Whether you can attend or not, if you have time to review the bills, please suggest ideas for testimony. We setup for us to share ideas and text. While the hearing starts at 1pm, there are so many bills on the agenda that it is likely to run to around 11pm. We don’t yet know when these bills will come up for public testimony, but a good guess would be any time from 2pm onward, with later being more likely. The practice of the Judiciary Committee is to “cluster” testimony on different topics, and to take first the bills that are likely to draw bigger crowds. If you can speak on any of these bills please email and as soon as possible with which bill you would like to testify on. On Tuesday at 10am, there will also be an Education Committee hearing at 10am,, which will include a hearing on a bill regulating police officers in schools, If you’re interested in this topic and may be available to testify, please let both emails addresses. Thanks!

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