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The Massachusetts Pirate Party is co-sponsoring a Net Neutrality panel discussion on Tuesday, March 25th, from 7-9pm. This event will be held at Tuft's Tisch Library, 35 Professors Row, Medford, MA, Room 304. Panelists include: Candace Clement, Advocacy & Organizing Manager, Free Press Daniel Lyons, Assistant Professor, Boston College Law School Cara Lisa Berg Powers, Co-Director, Press Pass TV David Talbot, Chief Correspondent, MIT Technology Review Moderator: Nina Huntemann, A...
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Quartermaster Steve and Arbitrator Kendra will speak about Tech Activism at the Free Software Foundation's LibrePlanet conference this Sunday, March 23rd.  The session starts at 4:05pm in Room 32-123. The LibrePlanet conference is today and Sunday, the 22nd & 23rd.    It will be at MIT's Stata Center, at 32 Vassar St, Cambridge, MA 02139. If you cannot attend the conference in person, some of the sessions will be live streamed.  They have setup various ways you can participate on-line ...
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The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity.  On the 8th, we held our protest for whistle blowers at Logan Airport. Within 35 minutes, we were asked if we had a permit by a State Trooper. Since we viewed the part of the airport we were in as a public space, we didn't have one. We were notified, directly but politely, that we needed a permit and we would need to leave. So we did. We are in the process of seeking a permit for a future event. Last Sunday we had a great time marching in ...
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Like many large government agencies, the TSA dedicates a few pages of their web site to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act (PA) requests. They explain how requests should be submitted, and what information one needs to include. Here's a screen shot of TSA's Privacy Act page. FOIA and PA requests are a valuable way for people to learn about what happens inside goverment, and I applaud any efforts to streamline the FOIA process. As it happened, I had a privacy act ...
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This Sunday, the 16th, forty organizations and 2,500 marchers are expected to participate in the Saint Patrick's Day Peace Parade in South Boston. We will join them and march for Manning, Snowden, open government and personal privacy. Join us.  Bring your banners, signs, and friends! The parade assembles at 2pm on D Street near Cypher St. in South Boston.  It starts at 3pm.  We march in the political groups division.  Look for Veterans For Peace flags and our banner. If you want you can...
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Massachusetts Pirate Party pays tribute to whistleblowers on Saturday March 8th Boston, MA — March 8th, 2014 – During the last few years, our federal government has been waging nothing less than a war on whistleblowers. From Chelsea Manning to Edward Snowden; from Jeremy Hammond to the Associated Press. The Massachusetts Pirate Party will be at Logan Airport Terminal E Arrivals area from 1:00 – 3:00 pm on Saturday, March 8th, to pay tribute to these courageous individ...
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A 6-member conference committee is reconciling the election reform bills that the Mass. House and Senate passed overwhelmingly. The two bills include Election Day registration, online voter registration, and early voting which we support. Mass Vote has a page to look up your House and Senate Reps. and urge them to tell the conference committee to endorse the stronger Senate bill.


During the last few years, our federal government waged nothing less than a war on whistleblowers.  From Chelsea Manning to Edward Snowden; from Jeremy Hammond to the Associated Press. The lucky few have merely had their lives turned upside down in witch hunts.  Some such as Barrett Brown and John Kiriakou remain in jail for their whistleblowing.  Others remain in exile fearful of their own government's power and its willingness to silence them and the truths they speak.  Still others, such a...
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We need Piracy on Beacon Hill, specifically, we need a Pirate to sponsor and promote bills on the hill that promote net neutrality, personal privacy, government transparency. Joe Guertin wants to be that representative. Joe is young and energetic, but also civic minded and politically informed. And he needs your help. He's not on the ballot yet, and we only have until April 29th to get all the signatures he needs. One Hundred and fifty signatures doesn't sound like many, but to be sure to re...
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