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We have narrowed down the sites to our June Conference and should know in the next two weeks, when and where it will be. For those folks who are looking for more information on it, I'll leave you with some videos from our 2012 Conference. Copyright Battle Tactics by Michael Anderson Stranger Danger by Conor Sherman Kopimism by Lauren Pespisa Campaign to Win by James O'Keefe We also posted the HighDef version of the Campaign to Win talk as a torrent.


Thanks to Maurice Morales, some of the videos from our last CryptoParty are available. Thanks also to our Anon friends for organizing the rally earlier and to all the folks at the Bradley Manning Support Rally before that. Why Encrypt Using Tor


We are going to have social gatherings at the LibrePlanet 2013  and PAXEast 2013 conferences this weekend. More than likely they will be lunch socials on Saturday.  If you want to join us, contact the following people: LibrePlanet 2013 Probably meet at the registration table Contact: Steve Revilak - (781) 648-1083 / @Purple_Bandanna PAXEast 2013 Saturday, noon Outside of the Food Court on Level 1 Look for the Pirate Party banner or people in Pirate Party shirts Contact: James O'Keefe...
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The US Congress is considering the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) again.  This version of the bill is H.R. 624. As we said in April 2012, we view this bill as a violation of our fundamental rights to privacy and freedom of speech.  We urge you to oppose it. The EFF and Fight for the Future have a web page to contact your Congress person and Senators.  You can also use the contact information we have. Be sure to ask them publicly to oppose CISPA on their Facebook pag...
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The Massachusetts Pirate Party is looking for interns to assist with the development and growth of the party, running candidates, marketing and press, and creating educational content. If you are an internet activist or just want to learn more about politics please consider this internship. We are looking for students whose studies are focused on PR, Web Development, Content Creation, Business Development, Political Science, Film, Photography, and design. Duties will be varied depending on pr...
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Stop the EARN IT Act!

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