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Monthly archive: October 2014

Tell the FCC: No hybrids. Support Net Neutrality!

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We hear that the FCC could be on the verge of deciding on a proposal that appears to support net neutrality, but only for companies such as Netflix and not for users: The plan now under consideration would separate broadband into two distinct services: a retail one, in which consumers would pay broadband providers for Internet access; and a back-end one, in which broadband providers serve as the conduit for websites to distribute content. The FCC would then classify the back-end service as a common carrier, giving the agency the ability to police any deals between content companies and broadband providers. It likely would not prevent ISPs from implementing usage-based pricing, charging some users (those who stream videos) more or throttling torrents.  This proposal would help corporations such as Netflix and Google, while not helping consumers.  Only treating ISPs as common carriers will do that. The EFF has setup a site you can use to call the FCC and tell them to support net neutrality by treating ISPs as common carriers. Make the call.  Your wallet will thank you.  

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Vote Pirate Tuesday!

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Tuesday, November 4th, is election day.  Polls are open from 7am to 8pm.  For our two state rep. candidates it will be the end of their campaigns. Last Friday Joe Guertin participated in a debate with both of his opponents.  Noelani Kamelamela and her crew have been leafleting up a storm.  Both Joe & Noe were on WEMF’s Young Jurks show Saturday. If you live in Bellingham, Blackstone, Millville, or Uxbridge, please vote for Joe.  If you live in Somerville, please vote for Noelani. Whether you live in their district or near them, please give them a hand: Volunteer with Joe (Bellingham) Volunteer with Noelani (Somerville) Thanks!

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Joe & Noelani appear on WEMF Radio, Today, 6pm

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Today at 6pm, our candidates for state rep., Joe Guertin and Noelani Kamelamela, will appear live on the The Young Jurks show on WEMF Radio. Mike Cann & Frank Capone are hosting. They are joined by candidates from other campaigns. You can listen to it live. The call in number is 617-500-7100.

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Pirate candidates need your help!

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Only ten more days! Our state rep. candidates Joe and Noelani have been out talking to voters.  Joe was written up in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette and debated his opponents Friday.  Noelani registered new voters and is helping gather signatures for the Pass Mass Amendment. With thousands of flyers, they will be out there meeting with voters and telling people about the Pirate Party for the next eleven days until 8pm November 4th. They need your help even if you do not live near them. Can they count on you to help get the word out? Volunteer with Noelani (Somerville) Volunteer with Joe (Bellingham) Thanks!

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Stand up for Bitcoin anonymity Today!

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The state of New York has proposed forcing any corporation that deals with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, to record the name and address of everyone who pays or receives payment using a cryptocurrency.  Corporations would need to retain this information for ten years. These regulations infringe on the privacy rights of both Bitcoin businesses and users.  They will create expensive and vague new obligations for startups that use cryptocurrencies. It isn’t too late to stop this proposal, but the public comment period ends today. Please email with your opposition (here are some talking points) or fill out this form provided by the EFF and tell them that you oppose their BitLicense regulations. Thanks!

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Wikileaks Birthday Party, Saturday, 7pm

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This Saturday, October 4th, is the 8th birthday of Wikileaks.  We are going to celebrate it at the Asgard Pub & Restaurant at 7pm. There will be cake. If you plan to come, please register so we know how many people to make reservations for. The Asgard is at 350 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge between Central Square and MIT. To get there by MBTA, take the Red Line to the Central Square stop, then walk down Massachusetts Ave. toward MIT and Boston. The Asgard is on the right side of the street. Here is a map.

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MIT Mini Maker Faire this Saturday, 9am-6pm

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This Saturday from 9am-6pm we will table at the MIT Mini Maker Faire. It will be at MIT’s North Court, by the Stata Center. The closest stop on the MBTA is Kendall on the Red Line. Here’s a Map. We will be giving hands on demonstrations on how to protect your privacy on the net as well as telling people about the Pirate Party. If you are interested in helping out at the Maker Faire, contact us.  

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