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Monthly archive: November 2012

Next in-person meeting is Sunday, Dec. 9th, 2-4pm, Framingham

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The next in-person meeting will be Sunday, Dec. 9th from 2-4pm.  It will be at 40 Moulton Park Rd., Framingham, MA 01702. If you would like to attend and need a ride, please email us and we will find someone to give you a ride. Erik has offered to pick people up at the commuter rail station in Framingham as well. We will be working on our plans for 2013 and finishing our end of the year mailing. The meeting agenda/minutes page at the wiki.

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House GOP yanks copyright reform proposal, we put it up

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Recently the House GOP put forward a decent proposal to reform copyright laws.  It didn’t go as far as we would, but it called out the zombie myths of the copyright cartel, noted how copyright is hindering innovation and offered some useful reforms such as reducing the terms of copyright, requiring registration of copyright, expanding fair use and significantly reducing the fines for copyright infringement.  Of course they yanked it in 24 hours after intense Hollywood lobbying. Since the report was released at, and was the product of government employees we consider it to be in the public domain, we put up a copy of it up on our server.  If we have to take it down due to a bogus copyright claim, you can find other copies at KEI, and the Maryland Pirate Party.  Also, Techdirt has a good summary.

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Looking forward to 2013: Next In-Person Meeting: Sun., Nov. 11th

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While in 2012 we got more accomplished than in 2011 what with our March conference, helping with the CryptoParty, being at Hope 9 in NYC and Together Boston, as well as our large turnouts at Freedom Rally and Boston Pride, there is so much more we can do.  On just the election front there are 2013 town & city elections as well as the 2014 town & Massachusetts legislature elections.  There are more events we should be at, local chapters to start, positions we need to take and friends & issues we need to help. I, 1st Officer Lauren, Quartermaster Lucia, all around jack of all trades Erik, and everyone else in the Pirate crew hope you will join us for the first of our monthly in-person meetings this Sunday, the 11th, from 2-4pm at 25 Moore St., Somerville (aka Pirate central). If you cannot make the meeting, don’t worry, there is too much to decide in one meeting of course.  We are planning to have these meetings once a month and have a poll up for one in December so you can help pick a date for it. Feel free to offer your suggestions on this page for where we should focus our dry power, events we need to storm and positions we need to take. Finally, we have nearly $200 in our treasure chest after paying for banners and event tables and the like.  If you could see fit to share some of your hard won cash, we would be mighty thankful.  Of course, we are always looking for volunteers. Thanks! – Cap’n James  

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Our 2012 ballot question endorsements

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At our last IRC meeting we endorsed the three statewide ballot questions.  Our statement for each question is below: Ballot Question 1 – Availability of Motor Vehicle Repair Information As automobiles increasingly become computers with wheels, manufacturers are trying to lock down those computers to limit what we can do with them, and prevent us from diagnosing and fixing our own property. Ballot Question 1 would require that starting in model year 2015 all automobile manufacturers must, for a price, share diagnostic and repair information with owners and independent repair shops.  It would also require that manufacturers provide access to automobile computers in a standardized way. Ballot Question 1 would increase transparency, lower costs by increasing competition for car repair services and help spur innovation.  We urge all voters to support this important ballot question. Ballot Question 2: Prescribing Medication to End Life Ballot Question 2, a “Death with Dignity” act, allows mentally competent, terminally ill patients to request a life-ending medicine from their doctor. The patient must be competent and must request the life-ending medication. The physician would be allowed, but not required, to prescribe the medicine. The patient and physician would need to meet a number of different criteria, and go through an extensive series of steps, before the medication could be prescribed and administered.  Physicians would be required to report each case to the state Department of Public Health and the Department would provide public access to statistical data compiled from the reports. Most of the objections to this initiative violate principles of the Pirate Party or have nothing to do with the actual proposal itself: Some advocates for the disabled worry that disabled citizens could terminate their own lives out of depression. But depression and disability don’t qualify a patient under the measure: they have to be … Read more

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Videos from Boston CryptoParty Available

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The Boston CryptoParty was a success with over 50 people participating in it.  We recorded most of the talks, but haven’t processed them all.  The following are done: Truecrypt/LUKS, OTR, Secure VoIP/SIP w/ Jitsi, Bitcoin & data liberation Counter surveillance by David House of the Bradley Manning Support Network & Andrew Lewman of the Tor Project Part 1 Part 2 Encrypt to Live talk by Andrew Lewman of the Tor Project Additionally, raw videos from a number of the talks are at the Tor Project.

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