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One might think that our interventions in Iraq, Libya, Somalia and Yemen would have convinced our leaders that poking our weapons into other countries is something we should do rarely and only with widespread international support.  With the recent war drums for attacking Syria, it is clear that our leaders seem not to have learned their lesson. We oppose calls for bombing Syria. The US has a long history of using chemical weapons, whether Agent Orange in Vietnam or depleted uranium ammuni...
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Our September Cryptoparty will focus on MESH networking and how it can help you build a network your neighbors can use that is independent of ISPs.  We will also have key signing. When: Saturday, September 28th from 2:00-4:00pm, short and sweet. Where: South End Tech Center <>, 359 Columbus Ave., Boston, just across the street from the Back Bay Orange Line T-Station and a short walk from Copley. What to Bring: a laptop and yourself. ...
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Here's a little video thank you card to all the Pirates who have been out in the streets with us over the past year or so. See if you can spot yourself! See if you can spot your friends!


This will be our third year with a presence at Freedom Rally, the 2nd Largest Annual Gathering of Cannabis Supporters in the World!. It's excellent exposure for the party and lots and lots of fun. Some of us dressed as Pirates last year, and some of us will again (myself included!). We currently have a skeleton crew set for tabling this event, but it's a big job, especially this year. We need Pirates (and their friends!) to come help out for just an hour or two. Pop in, meet and greet, then go....
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We need information about governments, companies, and other institutions to uncover corruption, human rights abuses, and other problems. Unfortunately, the information provided by most transparency initiatives today (WikiLeaks, Project PM) is difficult to understand and/or incomplete. Transparency Toolkit (TT) is an open source web application that helps organizations and individuals collaboratively collect, analyze, and release actionable public interest information. The goal is to make it a...
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At the BRICnic last Sunday, Quartermaster Steve spoke about security & security theater and ran a short Cryptoparty. Video of his speech is below. He covered some of the points he mentioned in his How Likely is the TSA to Catch a Subway Bomber? Not very. post. Thanks to @kinetictheorist for the video.


We will join the Defend the 4th Rally this Saturday at 1pm. The rally will start on Boston Common at "Speaker's Corner" (MBTA Park St).  We will rally to protect our protections guaranteed under the Constitution's Bill of Rights, including the Right to be secure in our persons, houses, papers, and effects against Warrantless searches. We will focus on the positive, especially THANKING EDWARD SNOWDEN and that whistleblowing is not a crime. Revealing activities that subvert the US Constitution ...
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NOTE: Encuentro 5 <>, is at 9 Hamilton Place, not 9 Hamilton St.  Sorry for the mixup. Do you practice safe sex? Learn the digital equivalent. The government routinely spies on us without warrants. Come learn how to protect yourself. You're invited to our next Cryptoparty. When: Saturday, August 24th from 1:00-3:00pm, short and sweet. Where: Encuentro 5 <>, 9 Hamilton Place #2A, Boston,  just across the street from the Part S...
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Tom Scott (who created the Welcome to Life: the singularity, ruined by lawyers video) has created a Welcome video for a future crowdsourced, corporate-run ubiquitous surveillance system. When we think about a future we want, such a Stasi-on-steroids is most definitely counter to our beliefs.


Today various groups come together for a BRICnic, a protest and picnic in front of the Boston Regional Intelligence Center, or BRIC.  The BRIC is where local, state and federal law enforcement coordinate their surveillance of activities they deem threatening, whether terrorists or non-violent protesters. The BRICnic starts at 2pm and goes until 8pm. At 4pm, various people will speak on the issue of government surveillance. At 5pm, Quartermaster Steve will run a Cryptoparty. Since people...
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