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May is going to be very busy. Besides helping the Free Software Foundation with International Day Against DRM, we are helping with three cryptoparties. Point to Point Camp, this Saturday This Saturday, May 2nd, we will be running the all-day Cryptoparty Corner at Point-to-Point Camp. It will be a very exciting unconference. Some of the confirmed speakers are: Julia Angwin, James Bamford, Malavika Jayaram, Bruce Schneier, Wendy Seltzer, Chris Soghoian, Trevor Timm and Marcy Wheeler It...
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Thanks to everyone who participated in Pirate Con 2015 last Saturday!  It was great of Evan Greer of Fight for the Future to kick it off and Rick Falkvinge to end it on a high note. We had a great time and learned so much from our speakers.  We are processing the video we took and would love your help turning it into files we can upload to YouTube and torrent.  We will start posting slide decks soon.  You can find pictures of the conference here and here. We held elections for the Pirate C...
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Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted 307-116 to pass the Protecting Cyber Networks Act.  This bill is CISPA all over again, except that President Obama won't veto it.  Four of nine Massachusetts Reps. voted for it: Neal, Kennedy, Moulton & Keating. The Senate equivalent, the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA), has already passed committee. It is important that we stop it in the Senate. Like the CISPA bill of years past, CISA would allow companies to disclose data to ...
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Already oppose Fast Track, TPP & TTIP? Help stop them! Thursday Congressional leaders put forward a bill to "Fast Track" the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) deals. If passed, TPP & TTIP would enshrine some of the worst proposals corporations and the entertainment industry have put forward. These treaties would criminalize copyright infringement and include: Stronger DRM and “technological protection measure” regimes; M...
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We have some PirateCon 2015 posters you can print out and put up in your city, town or campus. Both are PDFs. Thanks to Kate & Kendra for putting them together. Please post widely! More information about the conference and how to register is at the PirateCon 2015 page.


Rick Falkvinge, founder and first leader of the Swedish Pirate Party, will speak at our party conference on April 25th. Registration is open. The cost is $10. Youth under 18 are free. If you are under 18 or want to pay at the conference, please register with this form. You can find out the schedule and other info at the conference page. Picture by 2010 Jöran Maaswinkel (@JeeeM) Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0.


Yet again, Congress is trying to ram through a new network security bill that is long on surveillance and light on privacy protection. Like the CISPA bill of years past, CISA, the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (S.754), would allow companies to disclose data to the government without warrant. Data that would be automatically shared with the NSA. Data shared without stripping out information that would identify a specific person. It likely will go before the full Senate when they com...
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SUNDAY, April 5th at the Community Church of Boston, 565 Boylston St. (Copley Square) Boston, Kade Crawford will give a talk on “The Olympics and Civil Liberties”. The MPP endorses this event and hopes you will be able to attend. From the CCB site: "There’s been a lot of talk about the financial cost of hosting the 2024 Olympics in Boston, but very few people have discussed what might happen to our civil liberties if the international games come to town. Unfortunately, history and the projec...
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