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Thanks for opposing extending the PATRIOT Act, now to the Senate!

Thanks to those pirates who contacted our Representatives, especially Keating, Lynch and Tsongas, to urge them to vote against extending various anti-privacy provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act.  The House of Representatives held another vote yesterday, and the entire Massachusetts delegation voted for privacy and against increased government surveillance.

Unfortunately, it looks like the House will approve this bill and so we need to stop it in the Senate.  Please contact both of our Senators and urge them to oppose any bill that will renew the following dangerous USA PATRIOT Act powers:

  • The government’s power under USA PATRIOT Act Section 215 to obtain secret court orders for Internet, phone and business records of people who are not suspected of terrorism or spying;
  • The government’s “lone wolf wiretapping” power, allowing it to get court orders authorizing secret foreign intelligence wiretaps against individuals who have no connection to any foreign power or terrorist group; and
  • The government’s power to obtain blank-check roving wiretap orders that can be used to tap any phone number, email account or other communications facility that the government believes is being used by its target.

You can reach our Senators at:

Scott Brown
(202) 224-4543

John Kerry
(202) 224-2742


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3 comments on “Thanks for opposing extending the PATRIOT Act, now to the Senate!

  1. How about fighting for direct democracy?
    That’s real democracy.

  2. Let’s work towards direct democracy.

  3. Amen to that, brother!

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