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The Vigil to End Violence Against Sex Workers will be December 16th. It will be in conjunction with the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. It is sponsored by the Massachusetts Pirate Party and the Harvard Law School's Sex Worker Advocacy Network. The vigil start at 7pm and will be in front of Boston Police Headquarters at One Schroeder Plaza in Roxbury (Boston). The headquarters is between the Roxbury Crossing and Ruggles stops on the MBTA Orange line, and a short walk...
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I posted the slides I will present today at the Boston Anarchist Bookfair for the Keep Your Bytes Secure from Prying Spies talk in PDF and ODP formats. I'll post the other speaker's materials once I have them. The talk will be at 1pm and will cover threat modeling, choosing and managing passwords, protecting yourself from phishing, encrypting your devices, using Signal, VPNs and Tor. We also presented part of Steve Revilak's 2015 talk on Tor. The MassMesh folks will give a talk called An Inte...
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William Fleurant reports on some of the recent work done by the Massachusetts Meshnet group. Will describes how the group provided wireless internet access to Boston's 2018 Freedom Rally, using inexpensive off-the-shelf hardware and free software. This talk was recorded during the Massachusetts Pirate Party's annual conference, on September 29, 2018. You can listen below, or download the podcast from the Internet Archive.


Veterans for Peace is organizing a stand out on Thursday, November 15th to call for the pardon of imprisoned whistle-blower Reality Winner. It will be in Davis Square, Somerville, 5 PM – 6 PM. We support their effort and urge you to come out and support Reality Winner as well as signing the petition calling for her pardon.


Thanks to everyone who voted for Questions 1 and 3 and to the activists and volunteers who advocated for them. Question 3's overwhelming victory demonstrated that the voters of Massachusetts support equality for our fellow transgender citizens and residents and have upheld our often proud history of supporting civil liberties. While Question 1 did not win, the corporatization of health care isn't going away. We expect more fights to make our health care system provide quality health care t...
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Election day is today. Polling places are open until 8pm. You can find your polling place at If you believe you are registered, but you aren’t listed on the voter rolls, don't walk away. The law says you can demand a provisional ballot and get a receipt. Follow up after the election to make sure they count it, but your vote cannot be counted if you didn’t cast it. When you vote, we ask you to vote yes on Questions 1 and 3 and support any third-party candidate you agree ...
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These are two lightning talks from the 2018 Massachusetts Pirate Party conference. (0:00) Joesph Oronoski talks about ways to serve your community, such as volunteering for civic organizations, serving on a committee, or running for office. (7:53) Steve Revilak talks about his work with the Surveillance Study Committee in Arlington Massachusetts. You can listen below, or download the podcast from the Internet Archive.


Malt and James talk about the 2018 elections, especially Questions 1 and 3, which the Pirate Party supports. Vote this Tuesday, Nov. 6. Polls open 7am to 8pm. Links we talked about: Voting: Voting absentee (application due by noon Monday, 11/5) Request an absentee ballot form Find where you vote (enter the address where you are registered) Find your voter registration status Pirate Party info: More about the ballot questions Nov. 17/18 Boston Anarchist Bookfa...
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HR 6729, which would allow warrantless searches of our bank accounts, has not advanced from the Senate's Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs committee. Senator Warren is on that committee. We started a petition to urge Senators Warren and Markey to put a hold on HR 6729. The more people who sign it, the greater effect it will have on Senators Warren and Markey. Please sign it and tell others about it. Thanks!


Early voting concludes today.  Find your city or town’s early voting times. Alternatively, if you cannot vote on November 6th, you can mail in a request for an absentee ballot to your city or town. Whenever you vote, we ask you to vote yes on Questions 1 and 3. To find out more about all three ballot questions or express your opinion on Question 2, please visit our blog post on them. As always, we are looking for candidates for the 2019 town and city elections. If you are interested in ...
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