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In 2012, 61% of all Mass. State Rep. candidates had no opponent. Let me repeat that.  3/5ths of all State Rep. districts had only one person running! Democracy is only as healthy as the choices voters have.  Based on our past options, it is ailing and only the Pirates can fix it. We need Pirates to get on the ballot and bring democracy back.  Can we count on you? Feels daunting, right?  State Representative candidates only need to get the signature of at least 150 valid voters by April ...
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A week from today we will hold our February in person meeting. Our Quartermaster, Steve, was kind enough to offer his home to meet in. (Thanks!) This month we a kicking it up a notch, doing something proactive with all those phone numbers we have been collecting. We will be calling you passive supporters to see how we can help you to become active supporters. Of course, you could also just donate some scratch. We need that, too. We will have some pizza and discussion, but mostly we will be ma...
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A couple of months ago, I sent a FOIA request to the NSA, asking for a copy of my call detail records. The NSA denied my request, and I've since filed an appeal. While the appeal process runs its course, I decided to reach out to Verizon, to see if they were willing to provide a copy of my call detail records. Here's the letter I wrote to Verizon on January 18th: Earlier this year, the Guardian published a copy of a national security letter, which compelled Verizon to produce ...
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Today was the Day we Fight Back, in Honor of Aaron Schwartz, in commemoration of the SOPA blackout, and in a firm stance against massive NSA surveillance. In particular, today was about building legislative support for the USA Freedom Act. I called my congressional representatives, and here's what their offices had to say. Katherine Clark (202-225-2836). Representative Clark's office tells me that she supports the USA Freedom Act. Ed Markey (202-224-2742). Senator Markey's office p...
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In a few days, Congress will decide whether to "fast-track" the TPP -- the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. This is a massive trade agreement that will impact our laws covering the environment, intellectual property, copyright, and our ability to regulate corporations. So far, the agreement has been negotiated in secret, save for a small army of "corporate advisers". Fast track effectively means that Congress will pass the agreement as the executive branch has negotiated it, without debat...
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On February 11th, we will join with the Fight for the Future, EFF, the ACLU, Reddit, Mozilla and thousands of other groups and individuals in calling for Congress to stop the NSA's unconstitutional mass surveillance efforts. We urge you to help by: If you're in New England: Attend and spread the word about the February 9th Cryptoparty we are helping to organize as well as everything we urge folks in the US to do; If you're in the US:  Host a banner urging people to call/email Congress a...
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Come learn how to encrypt your email and files, browse the internet anonymously, use secure chat systems, and more. This event is free and open to the public, and we especially encourage journalists, lawyers, and law students to attend. WHERE: Northeastern Law School, Dockser Hall, Room 230 and the Moot Court Room (map) WHEN: Sunday, February 9, 12-6 PM WHO: Co-sponsored by the ACLU of Massachusetts, National Lawyers Guild--Northeastern University School of Law Chapter, the Massachusett...
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