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How 2 Run 4 Office Class This Sun., Oct. 30th, 1pm in Boston

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Captain James O’Keefe, a two time candidate for Massachusetts Treasurer, will give a class on how to run for office this Sunday, October 30th at 1pm. It will be at Occupy Boston on Dewey Sq. next to South Station. We hope you can make it. He will give this class throughout the commonwealth over the upcoming months. The next class will hopefully be in Lowell. If you can help us find a location for this class in your area and/or put up publicity, please email or call/txt us at (617) 863-6277 (MAPP).

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Pirate Party Supports Campaign Finance Reform

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Chris Walsh will present the following statement to the Massachusetts General Court’s Joint Committee on Election Laws hearing today: The Massachusetts Pirate Party supports the Massachusetts Disclosure Act (S.304), the Massachusetts Corporate Accountability Act (S.305) and the Massachusetts Fair Elections Act (S.308). For democracy to function, it is critical for elected officials to have the confidence of those they represent. That trust is undermined when the flow of money into politics is shrouded in secrecy and when candidates fund their campaigns through large donations from relatively few, concentrated interests. Citizens feel that the current system of campaign finance distorts the legislative process. Whether or not a lawmaker’s conduct is in fact swayed by a large donation, the perception is that money buys results and sets the legislative agenda. Consequently, citizens lose interest in remaining politically engaged and lose respect for the government. In a country and a state where government legitimacy derives from the consent of the governed, this result is unacceptable. The Massachusetts Disclosure Act and the Massachusetts Corporate Accountability Act provide for increased transparency that would permit voters to hold their elected officials accountable for accepting donations that are perceived as compromising their objectivity. These two acts would enhance the ability of citizens to elect officials who will represent their interests and would help restore confidence in government by making it more difficult to secretly exchange favors for campaign cash. The Corporate Accountability Act also includes important provisions to protect corporate shareholders from having their money spent on political causes without their knowledge or consent, and the Disclosure Act aims to prevent foreign entities from influencing the elections of the Commonwealth. Both S.304 and S.305 are important steps towards a transparent and responsive democracy. The Fair Elections Act, S.308, provides candidates an alternative to big-donor fundraising. When a … Read more

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“RIAA-led mob threatens innovation, Senator warns”

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“Web 2.0 Summit Attempts by the content industry to pass legislation like the Protect IP Act are the greatest threat to technology innovation, a senior US Senator told delegates at the Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco.” The previous quotes were taken from The Register: A UK based technology news site. A direct link to the full article can be found here: RIAA-led mob threatens innovation, Senator warns

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The Florida Pirate Party Is Running A Candidate For The House of Representatives

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The Florida Pirate Party is running a candidate for the House of Representatives! I’m a little late with this, but I just found this out, apparently it was announced over the summer! His name is Ryan Moffitt, and he’s running to represent District 86 in Florida. He doesn’t have his own website yet, but here’s a link to his candidacy announcement from the official Florida Pirate Party website:  The Florida Pirate Party homepage can be found here:  Also, here is an interview with Ryan Moffitt (Florida Pirate Party Candidate) on the internet radio show “TRICKNOWLEDGY. ” We Wish Ryan The Best of Luck!

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German Pirate Party International Coordinator at Tufts University, this Fri., Oct. 7th at 5pm

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UPDATE: We have a downloadable flier available. Please share widely. Gregory Engels, the International Coordinator of the German Pirate Party, will speak at Tufts University on Friday, October 7th from 5 to 7pm. He will share his experiences in the Pirate movement, what he has learned about conducting Pirate policy at a municipal level and what the Pirate Party’s entry into the Berlin state parliament means for German and world politics. We hope you can make it. This event is sponsored by the Tufts University German Club. Mr. Engels’ talk will be at Olin Hall, Room 11 which is at 180 Packard Avenue in Medford. Directions by MBTA are: 1. Take the MBTA to the Davis Sq. Red Line T stop 2. Take a right after the turnstiles and take the escalator to the surface 3. Exit on to Holland St. 4. Cross to Holland St. and wait for the Tufts Shuttle by the crosswalk 5. Take the Tufts Shuttle to the Olin Hall stop. The trip shuttle takes fifteen minutes to get to Olin Hall. Departure times are at 4:05 PM, 4:35 PM, 5:05 PM, 5:35 PM and every half hour after that. The shuttle route map is: There is vistor parking at the Tufts parking garage on Boston Ave in Medford. The garage is below Dowling Hall and houses the police station. See the Tufts Univ. Parking map. You can also park in Davis Square and take the Tufts Shuttle. Besides his position in the German Pirate Party, Mr. Engels is also parliamentary group leader on the Offenbach am Main city council and founding co-chairman of the Pirate Parties International.

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Pirate Party to Support Occupy Boston

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PIRATE PARTY TO SUPPORT OCCUPY BOSTON Protesters have been Occupying Wall Street for three weeks. Thousands are protesting and hundreds are camping out at Liberty Plaza in New York city. Police there have already arrested hundreds for the constitutionally protected act of peacefully assembling. The Occupy Wall Street movement has spread to Boston and dozens of other cities. Protesters are speaking out against corporate influence in our political process, political and economic structures that have led to the decades-long decline in the financial security of the middle class and the poor, and particularly the failed financial policies that permit Wall Street to gamble with our economy and make us all pay when they gamble recklessly. We at the Massachusetts Pirate Party support their cause and their goal of making America a democracy again. “We are part of the 99 percent and we stand with our brothers and sisters in Boston and around the world,” said First Officer J. P. Hollembaek, referring to Occupy Wall Street’s motto, “We are the 99 percent.” Captain James O’Keefe, 2002 & 2006 candidate for Treasurer and Receiver General of Massachusetts, remarked that “the increasing power large corporations have over every aspect of our lives serves to enrich the 1% of the US population who earn over $1.1 million a year.” The Massachusetts Pirate Party was formed in 2010 and became a political designation on February 26th, 2011. It focuses on promoting laws that support personal privacy, increase government transparency, rein in corporate power, reduce the power of the copyright monopolies and eliminate patents. The Massachusetts Pirate Party can be contacted at: Phone: (617) 863-6277 (MAPP) Email: Web: ###

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