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Section 702 is a surveillance authority passed in 2008 as part of the FISA Amendments Act. It is used to justify the NSA's warrantless collection of our emails and other on-line communications. Section 702 has to be renewed every few years. Thankfully, Section 702 expires at the end of this year. With H.R. 4478, Congress is considering renewing it as is or even making it worse. It may get pushed into the budget to make it easier to approve. The vote on the bill is expected today. Now is th...
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We have long supported network neutrality. Internet service providers shouldn't have the right to censor what bits we receive or send. They shouldn't have the right to charge some companies more to send bits to us or us to receive those bits. If we don't stop the FCC from giving ISPs the right to discriminate against particular traffic, we will be less free. If ISPs can charge companies to send bits to us, then only large companies will be benefit, competition will decrease and many new Inter...
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This Thursday, we want you to join us one of the protests for Net Neutrality: 9:00am, Hyannis Verizon Wireless. 790 Iyannough Rd Hyannis MA 02601 3:30pm, Hadley's Verizon store, 360 Russel St. Hadley MA 01035 4:00pm, Ladd and Whitney Memorial, 309 Merrimack Street Lowell MA 01852 4:00pm, Peg Noonan Park, 270 Main Street Falmouth MA 02540 5:00pm, Pittsfield's Verizon store, 555 Hubbard Ave Pittsfield MA 01201 5:00pm, Verizon store, 745 Boylston St Boston MA 02116 5:00pm, Ve...
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Massachusetts gives tens of millions in subsidies to corporations every year.  We will give over $250 million to General Electric for moving its headquarters here. Who knows how much Massachusetts politicians are willing to give to Amazon to move its headquarters here, but it will cost us millions more. With 60% of our legislators without an opponent in the general election, Massachusetts needs you to run. We will hold a campaign workshop this Saturday, December 9th. It will be in the Conferen...
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In a late night session with a hand scribbled bill, Congress gave a big wet kiss to the 1% while shafting the rest of us. Congress continues its work to expand Section 702 to give the NSA (and the FBI via parallel construction) more power to spy on us. The FCC is trying to take away net neutrality to further enrich wealthy corporations. Even here, Massachusetts pols are lining up to give Amazon the mother of all corporate subsidies. We have been dealing with this crap for the last 30 years an...
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