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On Sat., May 25th, we will participate in the March Against Monsanto. We will meet at Boston City Hall Plaza at 2pm. We will join this march because of Monsanto's excessive control over our food supply and seeds, their support for gene patents, the tactics they have used against farmers. Also, on Saturday, June 8th, we will march in the Boston LBGT Pride Parade. It will be our 2nd year. We would love it if you marched with us at either event. Please fill out the form below to tell us i...
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Véronique Vermorel is a French Pirate running in a special election for the French National Assembly.  She also lives in the Boston-area and is finishing up her internship for her business school.  Her district includes the US, which is pretty cool when you think of it. She is running on a platform of increased government transparency, better support for startups, authors and artists as well as sharing culture.  We like her and think she is just what France needs.  If you have any French fri...
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On Sat., May 18th, we will table at Another World's Fair in Central Sq., Cambridge. The Another World's Fair is part of Together Boston, and annual celebration of music, art and technology. If you can help us spread the Pirate message on the 18th, please fill out the form below. Also we will be participating in the March Against Monsanto on Sat., May 25th, and the Boston LBGT Pride Parade on Sat., June 8th. Fill out the form below if you want to march with us. Thanks!


PirateCon 2013, our 2nd annual conference, will be June 29th at the Community Church of Boston at 565 Boylston St in Boston. Registration Registration is $10 and is on-line. We are working on providing free wifi at the conference. Talk Details The following speakers have agreed to attend: Gregg Housh, Internet Activist associated with Anonymous; David House, digital rights activist and founder of the Bradley Manning Support Network; Alex Marthews of Campaign for Digital Four...
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Posted on behalf of fellow Pirate Kendra Moyer LATEST UPDATE While CISPA passed in the House of Representatives on April 18th, as of Thursday April 25, 2013, the CISPA bill was effectively stalled on the Senate floor after proving too controversial and overreaching for a privacy sensitive public. Michelle Richardson legislative counsel for the ACLU stated of  the bill that: "I think it's dead for now. CISPA is too controversial, it's too expansive, it's just not the same sort of progra...
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