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House Passes CISPA, Tell Senate to Save Your Privacy!

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Today, the House of Representatives passed the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) by a vote of 248 to 168. Unfortunately, which of the Massachusetts delegation voted for CISPA is unknown, though Congressmen Markey and Olver have come out against it.  UPDATE: The entire Massachusetts US House delegation voted against CISPA according to this final vote tally. TechDirt reports that the final bill is even worse than the one proposed. In addition to allowing the government to use information for cybersecurity or national security purposes, it also allows the government to get data for the investigation and prosecution of cybersecurity crime, protection of individuals, and protection of children. CISPA isn’t a cybersecurity bill at all. It is a spy on Americans bill. This bill would obliterate our 4th Amendment rights on-line. Under CISPA, the government can ask your ISP to `voluntarily’ hand over everything you send over their network: your emails, downloads, web searches, account passwords. No warrant would be required, no judge would have to review their request to ensure that they have a reasonable reason for their request. Once the data is in the hands of one agency, it can end up being sent to any government agency or even a private company. Any company that hands over your data will not be held liable for its misuse. If you doubt that ISPs will willingly hand over your private Internet traffic, then please review the NSA’s warrantless wiretapping program. If this bill is passed in the Senate and not vetoed by President Obama, potentially anything you do on-line can be accessed by the government. While President Obama has said he will veto CISPA, he also said that about NDAA, and he signed that bill. We have to kill this bill in the Senate! Please call or email … Read more

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May 12th Free Film Fest Schedule

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While we are a bit preoccupied with stopping the CISPA spy bill (more on that in the next blog post), we finalized the schedule for our May 12th Free Open Film Fest. Please spread the word about it. We will have posters you can put up and a page with links to the films soon. Start Time Focus Videos Scheduled 3:00pm Kids Hour Sneeze Me AwaySteamboat Willie & other cartoons 4:00pm Copyright Hour The $8 billion iPod Steal This Film How I beat a patent troll 5:00pm Patents Hour Open Source Cancer Research, Patent Absurdity, Innovation in Fashion Industry 6:00pm Open Govt. Hour Rick Falkvinge: I am a PirateGovernment Crowdsourcing 6:30pm Break Time 7:00pm Open Torrented Films Pioneer OneOtherworlds Short Films 8:00pm Public Domain Films George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead

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Mass. Pirate Party opposes CISPA, urges supporters to tell Congress

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The Massachusetts Pirate Party opposes the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) – H.R.3523 as a violation of our fundamental rights to privacy and freedom of speech. CISPA is would allow federal and state governments to request detailed records of what we send over the Internet from telecommunications companies. Since the bill is intended for: “the protection of a system or network from … theft or misappropriation of private or government information, intellectual property” we believe that CISPA would make it possible for telecommunications companies to actively monitor private communications over their networks in order to detect and censor transfers of copyrighted content. Telecommunications companies would not be required to anonymize the information they gather and so the personal details of users would be handed over to governments to use as they wish. Additionally, state and federal governments would be allowed to share such personal information with private companies. Because such data would be used to protect against “cybersecurity” threats, should those governments or companies misuse this information, they and their employees would be protected from being sued. CISPA would preempt state law and prevent states from imposing privacy protections on the data gathered or limiting what data can be gathered. While this system is voluntary, since the introduction of the PATRIOT Act we have seen the increasing collusion between telecommunications companies and the federal government to spy on people. Giving such broad powers to the government and the corporations helping them will undermine our rights to privacy and freedom of speech. CISPA is so broad it would give the government and corporations access to what we read, watch or say on the Internet, and would destroy what little remaining privacy we have on the Internet. We urge our members and supporters to contact their Congressperson and Senators and urge them to oppose … Read more

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We are The Party of Open

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As we mentioned a few blog posts back, we started a discussion recently about how can we briefly describe what we are for. David Hardwick once suggested that we should be the party of open, and there is a certain ring to that. So after talking about it, we decided to adopt the wording that Eric Zoltan was using on our Youtube site: We are the Party of Open! We stand for open government, open culture and open innovation. We are the anti-monopoly and the pro-human party. Pro-Human means a high regard for your individual privacy and your right to free expression. It also means an end to the concept of “Corporate Personhood”. If you want something even more brief then you could try: The Party of Open: Open Government, Open Culture, Open Innovation & People First We fully expect this summary will evolve over time.

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Copyright Battle Tactics Talk Posted

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Michael Anderson’s conference talk, Copyright Battle Tactics, is now up at our Youtube page. You can find the other talks we posted at our 2012 conference page.

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Join us at Together Boston this week

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Captain James O’Keefe will be speaking tomorrow at Together Boston‘s Patently Stupid panel.  Together Boston is a Electronic Music Festival in Cambridge and Boston that runs until Sunday, April 8th. The panel will be this Wednesday, April 4th at noon at the Together Center at 579a Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139. Also, on Saturday, April 7th, from 11am to 5pm, we will have a table at Together Boston‘s expo, The Get Together. We could use your help with tabling and the like. Please contact us at if you can volunteer.

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