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Reminder: Liquid Feedback Hackathon, this Sunday, 3pm

A reminder that we will be holding a Liquid Feedback Hackathon this Sunday, 7/1, starting at 3pm. Folks are welcome to come and help.  Please sign up if you want to help.

The German Pirate Party created Liquid Feedbackand to allow more party members a say in the decisions of the party and has been using it successfully. Our aim is to use Liquid Feedback to allow a larger number of members to make party decisions than can show up at our Thursday IRC meetings or our in-person meetings. Here is a useful video introduction:

You can find more info on the tool at

We will be posting our tips for installing it should others want to install it for themselves.

The hackathon will go until we are done or until asked to leave, whichever comes first. We will be at 45 Bromfield #2, Somerville 02144 which is north of Davis Sq. going towards Tufts.

If you cannot make it in person, feel free to join us on the #masspirates irc channel at We will also post our progress at the #masspirates twitter hashtag. No doubt we will need people to poke at it to make sure it works right.

Please sign up if you want to help so we know how many people to expect.  Thanks!

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1 comment on “Reminder: Liquid Feedback Hackathon, this Sunday, 3pm

  1. Good to see ideas like this. I would say that there needs to be protection from astroturfing and dopplegangers. I think the only way is through setting up secure identities within well secured local census centres. These facilities would have physical protections such as metal keys or even better would be hand recognition coupled with gestures hidden from view. One would be able to check and modify their preferences over the net. If their preferences were hijacked through hacking, physical attendance at a census centre would restore ones preferences. These centres could allow people to RETAIN anonymity and provide validation of occupation, income, qualifications as well as all the other attributes one would want to qualify. I am sure we all have wondered if someone posting as a professional is really that.

    You would only need to prove your identity to your local census centre. These centres would be guarded with people as well as continuous video feeds to be as uncorruptible as technically possible. Your personal details could only be accessed if you or your authorised representative is present. I don’t really trust digital systems to reflect our collective will – they will always be vulnerable to hacking. A physical system to provide protection from the online world is essential.

    I would like these centres to also be works of art and design to reflect the importance that they would have to our method of governance.

    Personally, I would be only too happy to provide my spending habits to all businesses for free through this service if I could do so anonymously. Right now, fb practically monopolises this and sells to already successful businesses who can afford their services. So much for competition.

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