Party update: Committees & Finances

Last Sunday we had our best in-person meeting, with ten Pirates, new folks and regulars, attending. The meeting was very productive.  With all of the projects we are working on, we decided that we needed to formed the committees to handle the work and provide a way for folks to help.  The current line up is:

  • Welcoming & Outreach
  • Policy & Identity
  • Dogfood & Democracy
  • Treasury
  • Technology

If you want to help with any of them, please contact us at and we will hook you up with the committee leaders. The Committees page is up on our wiki, though it is just getting started so it is a bit sparse.

Additionally, the Pirate Party needs to lead the way in being open and transparent.  To that effect, we put up some pages on our wiki about our 2013 event plans and 2012 finances.  We also put up 2012 Year-end Review so we won’t forget what we have done in the rush of 2013.

Thanks for your support!

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