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Patent Troll Bill goes to Senate

The EFF reported that the House of Representatives voted 325-91 in favor of the Innovation Act.  Thanks to everyone who told their Congress person to support this bill.

As we mentioned yesterday, the Innovation Act would make life harder for patent trolls by:

  • making it easier and cheaper to fight against the trolls in court;
  • requiring trolls to make their cases for infringement publicly and with specifics;
  • protecting end users and consumers when they face suits from patent trolls.

This bill isn’t all that we want it to be, but it helps move us away from the patent insanity we have now.

The White House supports this bill, so all we need to do is get it past the Senate intact (or improved).

Please contact both Senators and urge them to support the Innovation Act:

If you want to contact them on Facebook or Twitter, visit the Federal Office Holders page on our wiki for their info.

Here are some other ways you can help fight patents:


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