We are choosing the final dates for the party conference and want your input. We moved the submission date a week. Please submit your entry by next Friday, October 2nd.


Our first surveillance camera mapping outing of the Fall is this Saturday, September 12th, 11am to 3pm in Boston. Register here. We will meet on Boston Common near the MBTA Park Street stop. We will have another on Saturday, October 17th, 11am to 3pm in Worcester – Register here. Both events will be outdoors. We encourage everyone to a wear mask and socially distance. For those who would prefer to work on their own, we setup some tutorials at https://massp...
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We voted to support the Free the Moderna Vaccine protest this Friday. Too often the US government underwrites basic research on vaccines and other pharmaceuticals, then turns them over to corporations so they get the patents and make billions off of our investments. The COVID-19 pandemic should not be another opportunity for corporations to lock down and privatize US government funded research for their own profit. We will be at Friday's protest. The protest starts at 2pm in front of the Ke...
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Pirates Steve, James and Joe talk about how account security and monster trucks relate and Trump's call to put police in polling locations. We give an update on our 2020 party conference survey and upcoming events: 2020 party conference survey8/29 tech meetup9/12 and 10/17 surveillance camera mapping outings Our EARN IT Act call-a-thon Monster Truck and Ebay


The Massachusetts House recently posted a police reform bill (H.4860) after the Senate passed their version (S.2800). Here are the differences (courtesy of Digital 4th): S2800H4860Police rape of residents outlawed?YesYesQualified immunity limited?YesNoSchool info sharing with "gang" database limited?YesYesGovernment use of face surveillance banned?Temporary, plus RMVPermanent, minus RMVLocal discretion on whether to have police in schools?YesNoLocal elected official approval process for mil...
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This Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on the EARN IT Act. As we noted in the past, it is FOSTA/SESTA on steroids and is plainly aimed at silencing our 1st Amendment rights on-line. Attorney General Barr, no fan of our right to privacy, would use this new power to ban end-to-end encryption and ensure that platforms that use end-to-end encryption, such as Signal and WhatsApp, are wiretap ready. Neither Senators Warren and Markey are on the Judiciary Commit...
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Pirates Malt, Steve, James and Joe talk about the latest news of interest to pirates including: Latest in protests against police brutality and in support of Black Lives Matter This Tuesdays hearing on banning facial surveillance in Boston HR 6666 on paying for contract tracing HR 4588 on not mixing FISA requests and opposition research How Arlington's recent mail voting town election went.


Pirates Joe, Malt and James talk about the police killing of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter demonstrations, the police rioting and the crack down on our First Amendment rights. We also talk about Trump's bogus Communications Decency Act Section 230 executive order: Massachusetts Bail FundBoston Black Lives MatterMama Safia's Kitchen Go Fund MeTrump's CDA 230 executive order Also, Malt called it about Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRADs) being used if you listen to the end of this vi...
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The Swedish Pirate Party's Pirat-TV program interviews Mikuláš Peksa, MEP for the Pirate Party of the Czech Republic. They discuss the EU and COVID-19. He is interviewed by Otto Larsson and Christian von Heland. The interview is in English.


As the pandemic continues, many are stuck at home without access to a computer for school or other activities.  We are looking for computers people are willing to donate so we can get them setup for those in need. We are working with mutual aid groups and charities around the state. If you can donate, please fill out our form and we will arrange safe pickup. All items to be donated must be placed into a tied plastic bag, with the date, name of donor and the donor's phone number ...
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Stop the EARN IT Act!

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