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This Friday Protect the Net!

TPP: Why so secret?

Congress is considering approving Fast Track Trade Authority.  If it passes, stopping secret trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is a give away to the copyright cartels, would be much more difficult.

We are joining with Fight For The Future, the EFF, Sierra Club and the AFL-CIO to oppose this bill.

On Friday we will march as part of the Inter-Continental Action Against TPP & Corporate Globalization. Many of us will meet in front of the State House in Boston at 1pm.  We hope you will march with us.

If you cannot make it, please contact your Senators and Representative and tell them to oppose Fast Track.

Fight for the Future has a site to look up your Representative, but if you know who your Rep. is, we have the contact info for your Rep. & Senators below.  We hear that Neal, Tsongas, Kennedy, Clark and Lynch haven’t said they will oppose the Fast Track bill, so please concentrate on them.  Saying thanks to those who do oppose this harmful bill is always great.  Thanks!

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