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Tell the FCC: No hybrids. Support Net Neutrality!

We hear that the FCC could be on the verge of deciding on a proposal that appears to support net neutrality, but only for companies such as Netflix and not for users:

The plan now under consideration would separate broadband into two distinct services: a retail one, in which consumers would pay broadband providers for Internet access; and a back-end one, in which broadband providers serve as the conduit for websites to distribute content. The FCC would then classify the back-end service as a common carrier, giving the agency the ability to police any deals between content companies and broadband providers.

It likely would not prevent ISPs from implementing usage-based pricing, charging some users (those who stream videos) more or throttling torrents.  This proposal would help corporations such as Netflix and Google, while not helping consumers.  Only treating ISPs as common carriers will do that.

The EFF has setup a site you can use to call the FCC and tell them to support net neutrality by treating ISPs as common carriers.

Make the call.  Your wallet will thank you.


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