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The Pirate Council Needs You!

We announced that we are looking for people to be on the Pirate Council and that we will hold elections for the Pirate Council at Pirate Con over a month ago.  Since then we made a few changes to its composition.

Previously the Pirate Council was composed of a Captain, Quartermaster, 1st Officer and several members without specific responsibilities.

Now, it is composed of a Captain, Quartermaster, 1st Officer as well as a PR/Media Director, Activism Director, Swarmcare Director and a Web/Info Director.  Additionally, we will be voting on our Arbitrator and our representative the the United States Pirate Party.  You can find out more about the Pirate Council or the Council of Arbitrators at our wiki.

If you are interested in throwing your hat in for any of these positions, please tell us.

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