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We will again participate in the March Against Monsanto next Saturday, May 23rd. We will march because of Monsanto’s excessive control over our food supply and seeds, their support for gene patents, the tactics they have used against farmers. The march is from 1-2pm with a rally from 2-4pm at Copley Sq., Boston.  We would love you to join us.


As we suspected might happen, the ten Democrats who supported Fast Track Trade Authority (FTTA) got a small concession and are likely to switch their votes to supporting the bill.  The vote in the Senate is expected next week. While Senators Warren and Markey oppose FTTA, a last ditch effort to tell your friends in other states to urge their Senators to oppose is needed. If they need convincing, point them here. Thankfully, its chance of passage in the House is less sure and every vote cou...
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We are again running a cryptoparty for the Together Boston music festival on Sunday, May 17th. Danger!Awesome, a maker space, will be hosting it.  It is free and open to the public.  No registration is required. It runs from noon to 4pm. Danger!Awesome is at 645 Massachusetts Avenue location in Central Sq., Cambridge. Be sure to check out Together Boston's other events!


The House of Representatives passed the USA Freedom Act today in a 338 to 88 vote.   In Massachusetts, Keating, Kennedy, Lynch, Moulton, and Tsongas voted for it.  Capuano, Clark, McGovern, and Neal voted against it. The USA Freedom Act shifts mass collection of our communications from the NSA's unconstitutional surveillance dragnet to corporations.  Proponents say this change is an improvement.  Considering how lax the FISA court has been at pushing back on government attempts to hoover up o...
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We opposed the USA Freedom Act the first time around, and this time it is even worse. The USA Freedom Act would give providers immunity, wouldn’t stop bulk collection of data, includes internet phone calls in wiretapping provisions, allows the government to launder data from its mass surveillance program to use in criminal cases, will extend Section 215 and other major provisions of the PATRIOT Act and more.  That the intelligence community supports it certainly indicates little good will com...
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In a 52 to 45 vote, the Senate failed to get the 60 votes needed to move to debate the Fast Track Trade Authority (FTTA) bill. Both Senators Warren and Market voted against it. About ten Democrats who supported the bill, including Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) who sponsored it, voted against it. Unfortunately, it looks like it failed because of political horse trading and not because these Democrats realized just how bad FTTA is. Unfortunately the bill may be back after concessions by the Democrat...
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