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Fast Track Passes, Work to Stop the TPP

TPP: Why so secret?

Unfortunately the Senate voted to give the president fast track trade authority for six years. While the Massachusetts delegation voted against it, not everyone did in New England including NH senator Jeanne Shaheen.

The vote in the House was very close and that is where we will need to focus our efforts to stop TPP and every other agreement that will criminalize file sharing, reduce our privacy and place us more at the mercy of blood sucking corporations. This fight is far from over.

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1 comment on “Fast Track Passes, Work to Stop the TPP

  1. David E.H. Smith

    TPP & Global Treaties/’Arrangements’
    POLITICAL LAW; ‘IGNORAMUS et IGNORABIMUS’ (I do not know & I will Not Know)?

    ECONOMIC LAW; There is only a Finite Amount of Value/Wealth in the World; it does Not Grow, or, Shrink, it just moves around. And, the TPP & Global Treaties/’Arrangements’ just Funnel it to Global Corporate Signatories & Shareholders.

    YOUR Accelerating ‘AUSTERITY’ is Absolutely NECESSARY in order to Pay Corporate Leaders/Assocs. & Shareholders Their PENALTIES of Treaties’/Arrangements’ Tribunals.
    Come ON!
    Just ‘PATRIOTICALLY’ (Supplicantly) SUPPORT YOUR NATIONAL ‘RULING CLASS’ & their Assocs.

    How long before Japan & other TPP Signatories hear,
    ‘Well, you should have known…’; Pres. G.H. Bush said re; Corporate America ‘Arranged’ Reneging on NAFTA ‘dispute resolution’? Unethically More Profitable for Globalized ‘U.S.’ Corporations to Pay Lobbyists & Not Pay Taxes
    than to Pay Patriotic, Taxpaying American Workers & Accounting/BANKING SERVICE Industries.

    Scrutinizing TPP & Global Treaties/’Arrangements see; the ACLU/NAACP re;
    ‘The Submission’:
    ‘The SHAREHOLDERS & Corporations of AMERICA, Australia, Canada, the nations of the Trans Pacific, the EU, et al
    the harmless Canadian NON shareholders, both; Native & non Native, et al’
    ‘The MERKEL (Chancellor of Germany) Letter; To Sue, or, Be Sued?’

    Secrecy 4 – 5 years after Ratification for Wall St. to Muddy the Insider Trading & ‘IPO’ Trails; the lil’ Trader, Pension Funds, Public, et al, Don’t Stand a Chance.

    Fast Tracking TPP & Global Treaties.
    part of corp. US’s attempt to Increase & ‘Share’ $17+ Trillion Debt ‘Earning$’ & to Legitimize Hidden Earning$ in Untouchable Foreign Banks.
    Time to REPATRIATE ‘Earnings’; NO FOREIGN Accountants, Banks, Services, etc.
    NO Trickle Down from Hiding ‘Earnings’ in Secret Off-Shore Accounts.

    Priority Taxpayer Payouts to TPP Secret Tribunals & Military Industrial Complex Leaves Much Less for Health Care, Investigating/REGULATING Global Corporate Abuses & Gov’t. Programs.
    As the ‘U.S.’ has No Intention of Paying ‘it’s’ +17 trillion Debt, or, ’it’s’ Treaty Expandable Debt, why not just Cut the Taxes of the lil’ Guy in Half?

    Congress Just Needed a lil’ ‘Bun Buttering’ with Taxpayer$ & ‘Considerations’ from those Companies ‘Willing’ to Pay to Pass TPP; Global Treaties/’Arrangements’ Done Deal for Secret Pre-Paid ‘Considerations’.

    TPP & Global Treaties/’Arrangements’;
    U.S. has made the Same Mistake that ‘Canada’ is Continuing to Make. Corporate Canada’s (Harper’s) Deliberate With-Holding Key Info from Treaty Partners Could Start Global Economic Meltdown with No Remorse for Misleading other Treaty Signatories.

    What do you think is a good criteria for ascertaining the health & robustness of an un-secret treaty? How will ‘The Criteria’ limit the Abuses of the Secret Treaties for the Taxpayers?

    What are the various different ways that we can All prevent The Secrecy Abuse, whether it be Human Rights Abuses like The Residential Schools, or, Civil Rights Abuses like the ‘foreign’, /or, ‘domestic’ treaties?

    If Not ‘Treason’, then, there are very compelling arguments for concluding that the corporations, whether they be, foreign, domestic, &/or, a blend, that do not respect the ‘lesser’ jurisdictions, ie. individual states, provinces, territories, or, municipalities, are not good corporate citizens of the host countries & thus, can be treated as ‘persona non grata’.

    Should Congressmen & Parliamentarians Have to Sully Their ‘Beliefs’ & Sales Pitches with ‘Sordid’ Facts that Come from Actually Reading & Understanding Global Treaties/’Arrangements’ Just the Facts; ‘We’, The People can Draw our Own Conclusions?
    2 Republican Senators Admit that They Have read the TPP.
    Zero Canadian Admissions.
    Congress/Parliaments; Deluded, or, Deluding; ‘IGNORAMUS et IGNORABIMUS’ (I do not know & I will Not Know)?
    ‘Quis custodiet ipsos custodies’? (Who Will Guard the Guards?)

    Corporations Cut Costs & Dramatically Increase flat Profits by Not Suing each Other & by Suing the Little Guy (via ‘your’ Gov’t.) who is ‘Guilty’ even Prior to Tribunals & All of the Time.

    Teaching the Gordon Gekkos’ of Wall St., Congress, et al, some Humility & Integrity via Quantification?

    Global Treaties/’Arrangements’ with their Secret ‘Death-Star-Chamber’ Tribunals that The Global (non BRICS) Corporate Economy is in the Process of Secretly Passing will Finally Legitimize its Ability to secretly move money around, ie. ‘launder’ without Fear of Legal/government Regulation; ie. It’s the Global Corporate Economy’s Own Jurisdiction & they Insist that you Pay for it & Not them.

    What is Governors’/ Premieres’ Rationale for not Defending Taxpayers; Provinces/States Colluding with Feds?

    Corporate America’s Last Chance to Legitimize their Fleecing the Little, harmless Guy (95% – 99% of U.S.) Before Tanking the Global (non BRICS) Economy? Exploitable ‘Vulnerabilities’, Holes & Back Doors to Close.
    Can ‘your’ Federal Reps Willingly Answer ‘your’ Questions below If They haven’t Read the TPP & other Global Treaties
    Don’t Forget to Demand Your Money Back for ‘Supplementing’ Fed Rep’s Wages & Future Considerations at Incompetency (‘I didn’t know.) Tribunals.
    How many ‘Preferred’ Shares are You Selling Your Right to Sue The Global Corporate Economy for?

    Global Treaties Not about How Much Trade, but, How to ‘Vichy’ Profits & Who to Trade with to ‘Undermine’ AIIB.
    Shifting Costs to harmless Non Shareholders to Inflate ‘Profits & Dividends’.
    Is it Time to Cool off the ‘Stockbrokers’ again; Buy Gold?
    TPP & Global Corporate Treaties/’Arrangements more about Tort ‘Abolishment’ than Tort ‘Reform’?

    Not ‘good corporate citizens’ of the host countries respecting existing ‘lesser’ jurisdictions, then ‘persona non grata’.
    Making the leaders of TPP, Shareholders, et al, ‘Persona non Grata’; Shareholders’ Meetings I.D. Toxic Neighbors, In-laws, et al?

    Treaty Signatories Unwittingly Liable for W.A.D. Accord Compensation?
    Global Corporate Leaders (G-7) may have similar ‘Difficulties’ Dealing with Corporate Canada’s Pariah Prime Minister Harper as Pope Francis has ‘Difficulties’ Apologizing to the PM Harper for Residential Schools’ Abuses while PM Continues to Blame & Punish Those Who He Has Been Deliberately Depriving of the Info? Signatories Beware.

    TPP (& Global Treaties/’Arrangements’) Secrecy More, Or, Less than Canadian ‘Cultural Genocide’ Secrecy & ‘les Autres’ Abuses?
    As Pres. G.H. Bush said re; the NAFTA ‘dispute resolution’; ‘Well, you should have known…’.

    But, If Not PUTIN; ‘The WHITE KNIGHT’, then Who Do YOU Want to Bankroll the Saving of the harmless NON shareholders of the World from Fast Tracking TPP’s, CETA’s (TTIP) Secret ‘Death-Star-Chamber’ Tribunal Penalties?
    Will Iran, China, the Muslim World, et al, Support Putin in Suits?
    How about Warren Buffett, &/or, the ‘coveted’ Hong Kong investor, et al?
    FULL Article, see;
    Also see; ‘The MERKEL (Chancellor of Germany) Letter; To Sue, or Be Sued?’ (
    Please consider sharing the enclosed information & questions with 10 friends who will share it with 10 others…

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