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TPP text is finally public and is it a doozy

TPP: Why so secret?

Following on New Zealand’s release of the TPP text, the US Trade Representative released the text in an even more difficult to review way.  Thankfully, people have put the TPP text up as a zip of pdfs or html files.  The Washington Post made the main text searchable, but not all the bilateral annexes.

Here is what we know:

  • It extends the term of copyright by five years (lifetime plus 75 years);
  • Internet service providers must give your name if copyright holders request it;
  • ISPs must remove material upon receipt of a copyright claim; and you can’t sue if the claim was bogus;
  • It would ban rules that require source code disclosure.  Good luck knowing if your networked car or pacemaker has a bug that will kill you;
  • It would allow companies to challenge laws that protect our privacy for sensitive personal health, financial and other data on the grounds that privacy protect is a violation of the TPP limits on regulation of data flows;
  • It would make imported food less safe;
  • It would gut US law that encourages greater transparency of biologic drug patents and allow drug companies to challenge government efforts to rein in high drug prices;
  • As expected, the TPP expands the investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) system so that private companies can sue signatories for laws and regulations that cut into their profits.

While the Massachusetts Congressional delegation is against the TPP, there are plenty of Senators and Representatives in other states who voted for Fast Track Trade Authority but shouldn’t have.  But don’t limit yourself to the Democratic trade traitors, even Republicans should oppose the ISDS changes that would put unaccountable trade lawyers over our judges.

We have ninety days before Congress can vote for it.  Now is the time to tell your friends in their states to call them and get them vote against it.


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2 comments on “TPP text is finally public and is it a doozy

  1. David van Deijk

    It also forces countries to accept that “ISP’s charging money to companies in exchange for better network connectivity does not violate net neutrality”
    In other words, net neutrality can be completely circumvented, comcast can charge netflix for access to customers.

  2. Thanks! What section is that in?

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