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Urgent: Stop banksters from stealing people’s houses!

The Massachusetts House and Senate passed S.2057/S.2015 which says it will clear titles to foreclosed properties, but is really an attempt by banksters to limit the rights of people who have been illegally foreclosed on to challenge their foreclosure.  S.2057 would sanction the theft of property.  Please contact Governor Baker today and tell him to veto this bill.

From our friends at the Massachusetts Alliance Against Predatory Lending (MAAPL):

Unfortunately, the bad foreclosure bill (S.2057/S.2015) has passed in both the Massachusetts House and Senate. It moves now to the Governor to make a decision to sign or veto by 11/29/15!

In the industry’s HUGE rush, we have weakened the bill significantly…

BUT a bill designed to strip hundreds of years of constitutional rights to property must never be implemented! A bill ratifying 10s of thousands of illegal foreclosures with false promises of cleared property records, of money damages and of protections for those still in their homes post-foreclosure – NONE of it true… The unprecedented wealth transfer to the very wealthiest, the pillaging of working people, people of color, women must be reversed!

This is NOT the time to let the industry’s lies and abuse of our legislative process, let their bill to protect all the illegal foreclosures and sweep under the carpet the even more pervasive illegalities!

Make 1 call for Justice NOW – as soon as you receive this – #1call4justice!

Call Massachusetts Governor Baker at:


Veto Senate 2057 (was S.2015) –

  • it does not clear titles;
  • it ratifies the illegal taking of property from Massachusetts residents in violation of our constitutional property rights;
  • It does NOT guarantee money damages not already available; it does not exempt those still in their homes;

The financial industry says 40,000 with probable illegal foreclosures would have their right to sue for their homes slashed – we say 60,000!

10s of Billions from illegal foreclosures will not be forced to be returned to Massachusetts!

My name is {your name} and I live in {your town}”

Please help spread the word! Pass this message to your friends, family, networks and contacts! Make your first call NOW, then alert your lists… (if you Share this on Facebook or Tweet this post, please use the hashtag #1call4justice).

We’ve stopped this bill before–
there’s still time to stop it again with your help!

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