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Jan. Cryptoparty Summary, Next One is 2/24

Here is a summary one of the Somerville Cryptoparty organizers wrote about the January cryptoparty.  The next cryptoparty will be Wednesday, February 24th, 6-9pm at Parts & Crafts, 577 Somerville Ave., Somerville.  If you want to help out with other cryptoparties in New England, join our email list. You can sign up at  Anyone who wants to organize cryptoparties and share ideas for making them better is welcome to join.

Awesome to see so many regulars and new faces at last week’s cryptoparty. Here’s what went down:

  • 30,000 foot overview of asymmetrical public key cryptography
  • We had a demo of booting with Tails and browsing with Tor. It included clear explanations of how these tools work and what they’re supposed to do.
  • We talked a little about other tools, such as Keybase for browser-based encryption, Thunderbird as an e-mail client with the Enigmail extension, Signal for encrypted SMS. Reach out to this list host if you want Keybase invites!
  • Lots of questions and answers and general shooting-of-the-sh*t
  • We saw (but didn’t get to play with) a YubiKey in the wild.
  • We saw (and marveled at) a Faraday bag in the wild.

Here are some possible topics for the months ahead:

  • LibrePlanet 2016 is March 19th and 20th. Keynote speaker is Edward Snowden. I’ll be leading a session on the 19th called “Community Technology for Solidarity Economies” and would love to get feedback of some of my presentation from y’all. There’s also been discussion on this listserv about setting up a booth / room for the event. All ears.
  • A general overview of TLS and SSL.
  • A general overview of VPNs and how to get them working.
  • How to set up and maintain a private web server.
  • How to torrent media safely.
  • Checksums and data integrity.
  • Encrypted communications with media.
  • Encrypted communications with several recipients.
  • Dual boots and encrypted volumes.
  • And of course more key sharing and an intros to newcomers.
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