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We Want Your Input on the Public Records Bill

Bills tend to be diffs of the existing law, which makes identifying exactly what the bill does more difficult than it should be. We put the changes that S.2127 does to Massachusetts’ public records laws in the context of the existing law so that we can review those changes and decide whether we want to support them or not. We will decide at our March 14th IRC meeting.

Since we paid for the data and documents that our government produces, we believe that the default should be that all documents are placed on a public website and indexed well. We are willing to make exceptions in some circumstances, such as the private information of a citizen or resident, but those exceptions have to pass a very high bar.

We doubt that S.2127 will go that far, but we want your input as to whether it goes far enough. You can find the changes to the bill on our wiki. Please offer your suggestions and observations here, preferably well before our March 14th IRC meeting.


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