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Lead the Pirates!

At PirateCon 2016 on Saturday, we will hold our yearly leadership elections.

Up for election are Captain, First Officer, Quartermaster, PR/Media Director, Activism Director, Swarmwise Director and Web/Info Director. We will also elect three Arbitrators who help settle our disputes.

If you are interested in running, put your name in nomination.

Duties are:

  • Captain: Chair and primary spokesperson of the party. Keeps the party on track and makes sure our work gets done. The person the buck stops at.
  • First Officer: Secretary and spokesperson for the party. Takes over the duties when the Captain is unable to do so.
  • Quartermaster: Treasurer of the party. Responsible for keeping our books, making sure we don’t over spend and keeping us right with members and the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance.
  • PR/media leader: Responsible for interactions with oldmedia (newspapers, television, radio, etc.) at his or her particular geography. That includes sending press releases, making sure press kits with information are available, and other things related to serving oldmedia with information about the swarm and its activities. (See Chapter 9)
  • Activism leader: Does not lead activism as such, but rather supports it (as is the case with all of these roles). Whenever activists decide swarmwise that they want to stage a rally, hand out flyers, put up posters, or do some other form of visible activism, this is the person responsible for the practical details, such as PA equipment, permits, and other details on the ground to make things happen.
  • Swarmcare leader: Welcomes new activists into the swarm and continually measure the overall health of it. A typical task would be to call new activists just to make them feel welcome, and tell them when the next events — social as well as operational — take place. This is more than enough for one person to chew.
  • Information-and-web leader: Is the person who maintains the infrastructure of a blog or other web page that summarizes the relevant information of the swarm in this particular geography. (This person also communicates internally when events, such as rallies, happen. The swarm decides when and if they happen; it is the job of this person to communicate the consensus.)

See Swarmwise for more information on the officer positions.

The Council of Arbitrators oversees the selection of judges and ensures that the judicial decisions of the party are made in a timely manner. More info on duties at our Articles of Agreement.

Sign up if you are interested in running.

Look for more information PirateCon 2016.

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