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Hearings Today & Tuesday on asset forfeitures, stingrays, drones and police in schools

Got word from our friends at Digital 4th that there will be a mammoth Judiciary Committee hearing at the State House at 1pm, including hearings on several key bills of interest to Pirates. Here is the hearing announcement:

The hearing will cover:

Whether you can attend or not, if you have time to review the bills, please suggest ideas for testimony. We setup for us to share ideas and text.

While the hearing starts at 1pm, there are so many bills on the agenda that it is likely to run to around 11pm. We don’t yet know when these bills will come up for public testimony, but a good guess would be any time from 2pm onward, with later being more likely. The practice of the Judiciary Committee is to “cluster” testimony on different topics, and to take first the bills that are likely to draw bigger crowds.

If you can speak on any of these bills please email and as soon as possible with which bill you would like to testify on.

On Tuesday at 10am, there will also be an Education Committee hearing at 10am,, which will include a hearing on a bill regulating police officers in schools, If you’re interested in this topic and may be available to testify, please let both emails addresses.


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