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Help Stop the EU’s Link Tax and Internet Censorship Bill!

Julia Reda, Pirate Party MEP for Germany, has sounded the alarm about Articles 11 and 13 of the EU’s Copyright Directive that passed a committee vote.  The vote in the EU parliament is expected in early July.

If it passes, the EU will take a big step toward censoring the Internet on behalf of the copyright monopolists and give plenty of authoritarian governments justification to censor the Internet. Tanzania’s blogger tax went into effect, Russia has been doing it and China has perfected it. The US has taken the first steps towards it with FOSTA where the DOJ views FOSTA as a way to take down sites and not find sex traffickers even if it hinders police efforts to stop sex traffickers. It will also end up helping large incumbent corporations like Facebook and Google at the expense of small companies who do not have the money to build monitoring systems.

Please tell any family, friends or co-workers who vote in the EU about this bill. If this bill passes, the damage to freedom of speech in the EU will be immense. They can use any one of the following free tools to call your MEP right now. It’s their job to represent you, and it’s more effective than you think! Here’s a guide to help you with what to say.

  1. Save Your Internet by the Copyright4Creativity alliance
  2. Change Copyright by Mozilla, the makers of Firefox
  3. Save The Link by the NGO OpenMedia

There is a list of upcoming protests they can attend as well.

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