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Tell Senator Warren Today: No warrantless bank account searches

On September 26th the US House approved HR 6729, “Empowering Financial Institutions to Fight Human Trafficking Act”. Using the excuse of fighting human trafficking, this bill would allow warrantless searches of our bank accounts. This bill is an extension of FOSTA which is already leading to an increase in attacks on sex workers. Capuano, Clark, Kennedy, McGovern and Neal voted against it. Tsongas, Lynch, Keating and Moulton voted for it. It took only a week from introduction for the House to vote on it.

The bill is now before the Senate’s Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs committee and may be discussed in today’s hearing. Senator Warren is on that committee and we need people to contact her office today and urge her to oppose HR 6729. The more people who contact her office today, the more likely she will pay attention to this bill.

The most effective way to reach out to Senator Warren is to call her Washington, DC office at (202) 224-4543.  Simply tell her office that you oppose HR 6729 since it will allow warrantless searches of our bank accounts.

If you cannot call, please send Senator Warren a message via her contact page.  We created a message template you can use:

Dear Senator Warren,

I am contacting you as a concerned voter to urge you to oppose HR 6729, “Empowering Financial Institutions to Fight Human Trafficking Act”. This bill would breach the financial privacy and security of individual Americans, allowing law enforcement to engage in warrantless searches of our bank accounts.

Law enforcement already has the means to track financial information related to crime without violating our due process protections. HR 6729 would circumvent that under the guise of “fighting human trafficking,” with law-abiding citizens having virtually no recourse when they are wrongly targeted.

Please oppose this bill and urge your colleagues on the Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs to do the same. Our nation is strongest when we protect people’s privacy and other Constitutional rights. Please do not allow those rights to be weakened by HR 6729.


Make the call today and take a step to protect everyone’s privacy!

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