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Whistleblowers need our support!

Chelsea Manning, Reality Winner and Julian Assange are being held for their efforts to reveal information the United States government wanted to keep secret. Manning and Winner are already in US custody and the Trump administration is trying to extradite Assange to the US for trial.

Winner was convicted of revealing US intelligence information on efforts by the Russian government to influence the US election. Manning is in jail for refusing to participate in a grand jury investigating Wikileaks releases prior to 2016 and for which the statute of limitations will end soon. The US government is trying to extradite Assange due to Wikileaks’ release of such documents as the Collateral Murder video of a US AH-64 helicopter firing on civilians during the Iraq war and US government Iraq and Afghanistan war reports.

The Trump administration has demonstrated that it does not support government transparency and has no love of the press revealing government secrets that people in the US, and even the world, have a right to know. The US involvement in Ecuador’s revocation of asylum for Assange and arrest by the United Kingdom were done to silence a critic of US government policy. Should the US government win a case against Assange, any one involved in Wikileaks as well as all US news companies, already concentrated in an increasingly smaller number of entertainment conglomerates, will be on notice that they could be next unless they parrot the government’s viewpoint.

We must support these defenders of free speech and government transparency. To fail to do so now will embolden those who would limit our First Amendment right to know what our government does in our name.

How to Support Chelsea Manning

Chelsea needs donations for her legal defense. You can donate at

She also needs letters of support. Visit to find out how or consult the steps in this graphic:

How to Support Reality Winner

You can write letters of support to Reality Winner at:

PO BOX 27137

  • Do not mail anything of value, including money or stamps.
  • Do not use an address label with her name on it when sending mail.
  • All correspondence is reviewed by prison staff.
  • She can receive books sent to her directly from
  • More information about communicating with Reality, including how to send her money for her prison commissary account.

How to Support Wikileaks

You can donate to Wikileaks. You can also donate to Assange’s defense fund. We will post updates as more information on how to help becomes available.

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