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The Massachusetts Pirate Party condemns in the strongest terms the Boston Police Department’s decision to destroy the wheelchairs and medicine of Boston’s homeless.

Regardless of their excuses, this action was designed to scare people out of Boston and drive them to neighboring towns. This kind of violence only drives people further underground, leaving them more vulnerable to exploitation.

In a state that purports to be as left-wing and progressive as Massachusetts, we do our populace a massive disservice by underfunding social services. We should be offering comprehensive healthcare to every resident. We should be funding comprehensive public transit with taxes on luxury developments. We should be offering safe injection sites and needle exchanges as part of the fight against opioid addiction, which is one of many factors spurring the rise of homelessness.

In a city where the cost of living is already spiraling out of control, housing instability is an increasing reality for much of the working class. Motels, RVs, tiny houses, and camps are all reactions to the overwhelming pressure banks and landlords place on average Americans.

Thankfully, the solution is obvious: we need more housing and a greater variety of housing options, at all price points. Everyone needs a place to live, and a roof over their head.

In the cities, this means putting an end to the Massachusetts Rent Control Prohibition Act, increasing our investment in public housing, and permitting more construction of homes for working class people. In the suburbs, this means an end to sprawl, and the exclusionary zoning practices that are turning our towns into gated communities.

Massachusetts is not building enough homes, and this is but one of the consequences.

And, as always, Free Chelsea Manning!

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