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The Massachusetts Pirate Party condemns in the strongest terms the Boston Police Department's decision to destroy the wheelchairs and medicine of Boston's homeless. Regardless of their excuses, this action was designed to scare people out of Boston and drive them to neighboring towns. This kind of violence only drives people further underground, leaving them more vulnerable to exploitation. In a state that purports to be as left-wing and progressive as Massachusetts, we do our populace a massive...
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The for-profit prison industry lies at the heart of all the problems plaguing our society. With a financial incentive to criminalize their populace, a government enacts harsher laws, instructs police to gather up "undesirables," and makes felons of the working class. As long as the rich can profit from your arrest, there will be no social progress, no increase in freedom, no reprieve from police brutality until we put an end to this. If you can, it is vitally important that you come to Boston o...
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If you’re upset about the forced internment of children, you’ll probably be upset to learn that the monsters who profit from these crimes are coming to Boston August 1-6. A coalition of community groups are arranging a series of actions to let these monsters know how we feel about them. If you’d like to take part, NoMoreCages has arranged a phone zap tomorrow to convince area hotels not to work with the American Correctional Association. Read more about them here. Register here&nbs...
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THE MASSACHUSETTS PIRATE PARTY SUPPORTS ANTIDISCRIMINATION PROTECTIONS FOR TRANS, INTERSEX, AND NONBINARY INDIVIDUALS. We stand in solidarity with the Freedom for All Massachusetts campaign, and urge our members and supporters to vote Yes on 3 in November’s election We recognize that gender expression is an inseperable part of self-expression. The gender binary is a harmful idea based on highly political interpretations of faulty science, and has no place acting as the basis of any law. Ge...
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THE MASSACHUSETTS PIRATE PARTY SUPPORTS SAFE PATIENT LIMITS We stand in solidarity with the Committee to Ensure Safe Patient Care, and urge our members and supporters to stand with them in November’s election. Patient limits keep hospitals safe, both for patients and for the hardworking professionals who staff them. Without rigorous workplace protections, the privately owned companies managing hospitals seek to maximize profit by overworking and understaffing their facilities. That, sim...
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